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1967 PhotoPresentation of the Project to the GBC Faculty Senate
August, 2007

Faculty and Administrative Evaluation Committee Report
Proposal to developing a Comprehensive Evaluation System
at GBC

Presented by Co-Chair, Lynette Macfarlan

August 24, 2007

This past week, the Evaluation Committee and Department Chairs met with Dr. Raoul Arreola for a rigorous, two-day seminar outlining the steps on how to develop a Comprehensive Evaluation System. Based on the knowledge that we gained, it was the unanimous consensus of our group to assertively pursue the recommended 8-Step process as a means to effectively restructuring the present GBC evaluation system. This is a monumental task which will take an entire year to complete. Before we commit ourselves to this endeavor and move forward, it is essential that we receive Faculty Senate support. Our committee has outlined the following reasons for restructuring our evaluation system and undertaking this college-wide initiative.

  1. The new evaluation model will call for a professionally developed rating form that is valid, reliable and supports the application of professional measurement.
  2. The new model will recognize college teaching as a Meta-Profession and will define and understand the full complexity of the duties of the college instructor.
  3. The new model will support a planned and systematic inclusion of the faculty. Faculty must see their input being utilized as an integral part of the design and construction of the system from the onset.
  4. The new model will acknowledge areas of accomplishment while linking evaluation with professional enrichment. One cannot effectively function without the other.
  5. The new model will eliminate blatant subjectivity and attend to the technical requirements of good measurement and the political process of gaining the confidence of the faculty.
  6. The new model will not serve as a punitive measure, but rather a vehicle to provide meaningful feedback for the purpose of personal growth and advancement.
  7. The new model will initiate a platform for true shared governance. The GBC Administration fully supports this endeavor.

The Faculty and Administrative Evaluation Committee members have made a commitment to lead in the design of this large-scale faculty evaluation system. The Department Chairs have agreed to request data from their departments in order to fully involve all faculty in the process.

Before asking for the Sense of the Senate and turning the floor over to Dr. Killpatrick, I would like to end with two final thoughts. Martin Luther King once said, "All labor that uplift humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." Our committee is committed and ready to lead this quest!

At the end of the second day session with Dr. Arreola, Department Chair of Health Science and Human Services, Margaret Puccinelli simply and justifiably stated, "It's the right thing to do!"

Lynette McFarlane introduced President Killpatrick. Dr. Killpatrick informed the Senate that he had the opportunity to work with Dr. Arreola when he was the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Mt. Hood Community College. Dr. Killpatrick stated, "The same plan was initiated by the college's advancement development team. The process is long and will take approximately a year to accomplish, but I feel that it is a worthwhile endeavor. Dr. Arreola is well known throughout the nation for the quality of work he does."

Outcome: Chair Nickel requested a sense of the senate of whether they wanted to pursue supporting the Evaluation Committee in developing a new evaluation method. Discussion took place; it was the unanimous consensus of the Senate for the Evaluation Committee to proceed with developing a new evaluation method.

The Faculty Evaluation Process at GBC is based on the work of Dr. Raoul Arreola, specifically Developing a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System: A Guide to Designing, Building, and Operating Large-Scale Faculty Evaluation Systems, 3rd Edition, ISBN: 978-1-933371-11-5, copyright ©2007, Anker Publishing Company, Inc., 563 Main Street, P.O. Box 249, Bolton, MA 01740-0249. Forms used on this website are taken from that guide with the permission of the author and may not be further reproduced without his permission.