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Step 3: Determining Roles in the Faculty Role Model

Role Definitions, Components Areas & Descriptors, Developed by/for Faculty (3/25/09)

In Step 3, roles defined in Step 1 are broken down into observable components that can be documented. For example, the teaching role is defined as consisting of instructional delivery, design, content expertise, course management, etc.

In-Service Evaluation Workshop, Presented by Linda Uhlenkott, Lynette Macfarlan and Committee Members



The following is the Evaluation Committee's letter to Department Chairs
with regard to beginning Step 3. The completion date for this step is January 25, 2008.

January 14, 2007

Dear Department Chairs and Faculty:

As we begin the spring semester, we are once again requesting your continuing support in developing a comprehensive evaluation system for Great Basin College. Steps 1 and 2 are completed, thanks to your personal and departmental contributions. Each department has completed their Activities List and submitted their Role Parameter Values. The selected roles are: Teaching, Creative/Scholarly Activities, Institutional Service, Management and Community Service. The following institutional minimum and maximum role parameter values have been established and agreed upon by committee members and the GBC administration. Some department percentages were adjusted to ensure that the figures were mathematically correct. The values were then determined by using the absolute maximum and minimum values from each department worksheet.

Great Basin College Dynamic Faculty Role Model
Minimum Weight (%) Faculty Role Maximum Weight (%)
40% Teaching
Delivery (IDEA Form), Design, Assessment,
and Course Management
5% Professional
Proficiency, Creative/Scholarly
0% Management
Department Chairs, Program Supervisor
10% Service
To the Institution, the Students, and the Community

Our committee is ready to undertake Step 3. The objective of Step 3 is to begin the process of defining the selected roles which are listed above. This process will take place in break-out sessions during the in-service training which is scheduled for January 15 th at 1:00 pm in HTC 121. We are encouraging all department chairs and faculty to attend. The Role Definitions will be posted on the Faculty Evaluation Web site once they are established.

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Lynette Macfarlan or Linda Uhlenkott. The development of a successful, valid, and reliable faculty evaluation is a complex and time-consuming process. Your support has enabled our committee to construct a solid foundation for the final design of the GBC faculty evaluation system.


Evaluation Committee Members


The Faculty Evaluation Process at GBC is based on the work of Dr. Raoul Arreola, specifically Developing a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System: A Guide to Designing, Building, and Operating Large-Scale Faculty Evaluation Systems, 3rd Edition, ISBN: 978-1-933371-11-5, copyright ©2007, Anker Publishing Company, Inc., 563 Main Street, P.O. Box 249, Bolton, MA 01740-0249. Forms used on this website are taken from that guide with the permission of the author and may not be further reproduced without his permission.