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Step 8: Completing the System with Forms, Protocols, and Rating Scales

In Step 8, the actual forms, questionnaires, and protocols are set forth, based on all the results of the preceding steps.


The Evaluation Committee and Mike Macfarlane, VPAA met with
Webmaster, Susanna Dorr and technology experts Lisa Frazier and Ed
Nickel to discuss the electronic design of the GBC Comprehensive
Evaluation System.

FINISHED! The Online GBC Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System

The Faculty Evaluation Process at GBC is based on the work of Dr. Raoul Arreola, specifically Developing a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System: A Guide to Designing, Building, and Operating Large-Scale Faculty Evaluation Systems, 3rd Edition, ISBN: 978-1-933371-11-5, copyright ©2007, Anker Publishing Company, Inc., 563 Main Street, P.O. Box 249, Bolton, MA 01740-0249. Forms used on this website are taken from that guide with the permission of the author and may not be further reproduced without his permission.