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July 2013 | Issue 1.


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Geek Trivia...

What Accounts For One Third Of America’s Evening Internet Traffic?

  1. Reddit
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Netflix

E-mail the Geeks with your guess!

This Month in TECH...

Trillian Starts IM Wars in July 2000!

Remember the days of the Instant Messenger? Yahoo IM or Microsoft Messenger, ICQ, AIM and many more. In 2000, a company called Trillian tried to capitalize on the market by making a IM client that could connect to all of these instant messengers.

Only problem is that Yahoo! and Microsoft didn’t want to allow this to happen. They tried to block the software. However, new patches were installed and Trillian was able to access the messengers again.

TECH Did You Know?

QUESTION: Explaining Your Code To An Inanimate Object Is A Programming Trick Known As What?

ANSWER: Rubber Duck Debugging

Rubber Duck Debugging is an informal method of debugging code that programmers have long relied on as a simple and cost effective way to catch code errors.

The programmer, once he or she has finished coding, takes a moment to explain the code, line by line, to the rubber duck on their desk (or whatever inanimate object, figurine, or toy they have handy). By pouring over their own code and explaining it out loud to the inanimate object, the programmer will often times catch errors in the code.

By doing so, the programmer hopes to find the differences between what they are explaining the program is supposed to do and what the code on the screen actually does It is the programmer’s version of a student reading their term paper out loud to check for errors.

Other terms for Rubber Duck Debugging include Confessional Debugging and Cardboard Programmer.

For More Info...

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Want to jazz up your web fonts? Does Google have a cool effect for you!

Google started a typography craze when they introduced Google Fonts and now trendy typesets are available for everyone to use.

Google has now began BETA testing effects that can be styled against your Google Fonts. With just a few lines of code in an HTML page and/or a stylesheet, you can now add cool effects to fonts including 3D, Crackle, and even Fire Animation!

This is the 'fire-animation' Google font effect!

Not all of these effects render in all browsers as this is a BETA version. Needless to say, Google has ensured they all woirk in their own browser Chrome but depending upon the effect its spotty in other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

For more information on Google Font effects reach out and e-mail the nerds or visit the Google Developers site! Happy font-effecting! :D

Tips & Tricks...

launch bar Recycle Bin:

A neat trick in Win 7 is to add the Recycle Bin to the Quick Launch Bar.

Wait…what Quick Launch Bar?

You have to add it first. To add the Quick Launch toolbar back, right-click on an open area of the taskbar, and choose Toolbars and then New Toolbar from the menu. You should also unlock the taskbar too.

Now’s the slightly tricky part…enter or copy and paste %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch into the location bar like below.

 Quick launch graphic 1

Next, click on the Go To right facing arrow.

Quick launch graphic 2

Make sure the location bar shows the full path, like below.

Quick launch graphic 3

If it does, click the Select Folder button.

Now notice the Quick Launch toolbar on the taskbar. You can move it anywhere you like. First, right-click and unlock the taskbar before trying to move it. If you want it on the left, click on the dotted lines and drag the toolbar all the way to the left.

Once the Quick Launch Bar has been added, it’s just a matter of dragging the Recycle Bin to it. Now you have a nice looking Recycle Bin next to the Start Menu and you can start dragging things into it. If you want to make it larger, unlock the taskbar, right-click in the Quick Launch Bar, select View, and pick Large Icons.

That's all there is to it!

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