Great Basin Landscape Mary Ann Pepo Southern Paiute basketweaver (1940) Great Basin College

Collection Policy

The Great Basin Indian Archives will collect primary source information not available anywhere else that provides documentation and analysis about the history and heritage of the Great Basin Indian people.  Manuscripts that index collections of general material that are specific to the Great Basin Indians are also accepted.

While the GBIA respects donor privacy, the intent of the Archives is to make as much information as possible available to students and researchers who use the Archives as well as the public at large who visit or view GBIA web exhibits.

Technology now allows such excellent duplication of information that potential donors should note that their material may be brought into the GBIA for immediate scanning and donation, but they may retain the originals.

Objects lent will be insured by the GBIA under a fine arts policy against all ordinary risk in transit and while in its possession.  The borrowing museum will insure invited loans at the valuation requested by the Lender, which request must be in writing and is set forth on the attached listing.  When written notice of valuation is not given GBIA will insure invited loans at its own estimated valuation.  The lender will actively assist in seeking funds for conservation, preservation, storage, display enhancements and insurance.

How to Donate

Each collection that is donated will need to show its importance or relation to the Great Basin Peoples.  A short biography of the author and/or donor must also be included.  To make this easier you should fill out an analysis sheet for papers, photos, videos and films.  If you are donating other items you might also want to look at the analysis sheet and be prepared to answer similar questions.  Material coming into the GBIA repository should be organized by media type as follows:


Each donor needs to complete and sign a donor form, keeping a copy for themselves, their heirs and assigns.  If you need help in  preparing your collection, please talk with the GBIA Coordinator or leave a message and information at


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