We hope this site will provide you with the tools to learn how to preserve your heritage by making your own archives. Here is an outline of site content - the links are at the top of each page:

This page outlines how to begin to create your own archives. Information and links to conservation supplies, to inventory procedures, and to storage issues as well as useful forms.
Link to our current holdings of oral histories and songs.
Get up-to-date information on current GBC course offerings.
Find archival resources by State, Tribal Contacts or Institution such as Federal Archives, Historical Societies, University Libraries and Special Collections, Museums, and Other Tribal Sites
How to search effectively and find the best types of resources for your needs. Includes terminology and many links.


Our Mission

The Great Basin Indian Archives will endeavor to provide students and researchers with easy access to primary and digital information that chronicle the history and heritage of the Great Basin Indian peoples.

Our Plan

Provide important information for students, educators and researchers to access readily on site about the Great Basin Tribes, Western Shoshoni, Paiute and Washoe.

A collection of Oral Histories of elders sharing their culture and customs of the above listed Tribes.  Some of the elders speak in their native language in describing or sharing their stories.  These tribes aboriginal territory covers the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming.

A collection of songs sung in the native languages about ceremonial and cultural activities, including hand game songs. 

The intent for the GBIA program is to exist on the GBC website and to provide a “virtual linking archives” for easy accessibility to the General Public as well.  Links in other states and countries will be developed through student and community work.


Updated: September 2010

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