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Audio Visual Policy

Audio Visual equipment is loaned to GBC faculty and staff only ~ for GBC related activities, on or off campus.

  • A/V equipment should be requested well in advance, using the audio visual request form;
  • Most classrooms on campus and at the Annex are equipped with a television, DVD / VCR, and an overhead projector in working order.
  • Requests for other equipment must be based on a first come, first served basis.
  • If requesting equipment for use off campus, faculty and/or staff are required to sign a checkout sheet at the Audio Visual Services office.
  • When there is a conflict arising from equipment requested for classroom use and equipment required for meetings and special events, the classroom requests will have priority.
  • Audio visual equipment is not loaned to any outside organization.
  • Equipment is not loaned to students, however, instructors may check out equipment for them to use for class presentations.
  • Other presentation materials, such as flip-charts, whiteboards, etc., should be requested through Buildings & Grounds by calling 753-2219.
  • Interactive video classes and equipment, including "Elmo" projectors, need to be obtained through the Interactive Video Department by calling 753-2306.

Equipment Available for Loan

  • LCD projectors (for Powerpoint presentations)
  • Digital Video Camcorder (This is generally set up and operated by Audio / Visual Services.)
  • Public Address System (Amp / Mixer, Microphones, Speakers - This is generally set up by Audio / Visual Services)
  • Audio Tape Cassette Players / Recorders
  • TV / VCR Combination
  • TV / DVD Combination
  • Televisions
  • VCRs
  • Overhead Projectors
  • There is also a miscellaneous collection of other equipment, if you need something along the Audio / Visual equipment line, please ask, we may have it available.

Services Provided by the Audio Visual Department

  • Delivery and set-up on campus of A / V equipment requested in advance;
  • Videotaping in class and on campus for faculty and GBC events, with duplication in various formats
  • Delivery and Set up of the Public Address System
  • Reproduction of copyrighted audio and video materials with written permission of the copyright owner
  • Reproduction of non copyrighted audio and video materials for faculty use
  • Reproduction of audio and video materials of classroom instruction and student practice.
  • Repair of GBC audio and visual equipment. Please submit AV Repair Request form

NOTE: It is of course illegal to violate United States Copyright Laws. If in doubt concerning these laws you may view them at: http://www.copyright.gov/title17 or you may view a hardcopy of the current law in the Audio / Visual Services office in McMullen Hall.




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Last update: August 6, 2013