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Great Basin College Library Reference Policy

The Great Basin College Library's primary responsibility is to serve Great Basin College's students and faculty. The library may serve others as time and resources warrant.

The reference staff will endeavor to answer questions as they arise. However, during some periods, patrons may be asked to submit their queries in writing to be answered at a later date or time.

  1. The goal of our information services is to provide the information sought by the user. Information services will anticipate as well as meet user needs. It will encourage user awareness of the potential of information resources to fulfill individual information needs.
  2. The library will develop information, reference, and directional services consistent with the goals of the institution and community it serves.
  3. The library will strive to provide users with complete, accurate answers to information queries regardless of the complexity of those queries.
  4. The library will make available user aids in appropriated formats to help users identify items in the collection relevant to their interests and needs. Access guides can list hours, services, floor plans, and other pertinent data. Guides can also offer assistance in using particular resources or in performing research in a specific subject area.
  5. The library will provide instruction in the effective use of its resources. Such instruction, for example, can include the individual explanation of information resources or the creation of guides in appropriate formats, formal assistance through tours and presentations designed to provide guidance, and direction in the pursuit of information.
  6. The library will actively publicize the scope, nature, and availability of the information services it offers. It will employ those media most effective in reaching its entire clientele or selected segments of that clientele, as appropriate.
  7. The library will survey and assess the information needs of its community and create local information products to fulfill those needs not met by existing materials.
  8. The library will serve its community by collecting and creating information and referral files to provide access to the services and resources of local, regional and state organizations.
  9. Based on its clients' known needs and interests, the library will provide information even if it has not been explicitly requested.
  10. The library will participate in consortia and networks to obtain access to information sources and services it cannot provide on its own.
  11. The library will develop and make available to the public a statement that describes the information services it strives to offer all members of its community.
  12. The library will develop and make available to the public a statement of its reference service policy.

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Great Basin College Library
McMullen Hall
1500 College Parkway
Elko, NV 89801

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