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Wendy Charlebois, MSW
Social Work Instructor


"You must be the change we wish to see in the world.

— Ghandi


I have been a social worker since 1990 and prior to that I worked in the medical field. Social work has been such a great fit for me and has given me so much more than I ever thought possible. My focus has been in child welfare- child protective services, special needs adoption and recruitment and training of foster parents. I have seen how following a strengths based model can empower individuals and families thus changing their lives in such a positive way. As an instructor I bring a "real life" picture of what social work is about and use student's greatest strengths to help them realize their career goals.


Contact Information

Office Location: EIT 129, Elko Campus
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Recommended Reading

  • The Lost Art of Healing, Bernard Lown, MD
  • Soul of a Citizen, Paul Rogat Loeb
  • To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
  • The Glass Castle, Jeanette Walls


Photo of me and the President.


  • I enjoy being with my family playing with my dogs, swimming, walking, and traveling.
  • National Association of Social Workers


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ECE 167
Title:Child Abuse and Neglect
Catalog Description: Provides the opportunity for students to learn the legal definitions, symptoms, causes, and reporting procedures of child abuse and neglect. The class will include discussion of the roles and responsibilities of community agencies such as law enforcement, social services, child care personnel, medical and/or psychosocial professionals.
PSY 208
Title:Psychology of Human Relations
Catalog Description: Explores the relationships between human beings and assists in the development of interpersonal communication skills which can be used personally and professionally.
My Comments:This is a fun class! If you enjoy learning about yourself your communication style or how you come across to others this is the class for you!
PSY 441
Title:Abnormal Psychology
Catalog Description: Psychology of abnormal behavior with emphasis on symptomology, etiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
SOC 276
Title:Aging in Modern American Society
Catalog Description: The psychological and sociological development and the changes attendant to the process of aging in society. The course presents theory and research in the field, implications for social policy, and discusses perspectives on death and dying. Also available as PSY 276.
SW 220
Title:Introduction to Social Work
Catalog Description: Overview of the public and private social services and the social work profession including analysis of their functions as modes of social problem solving.
My Comments:If you are interested in learning more about Social Work this is where you start!
SW 230
Title:Crisis Intervention
Catalog Description: Analysis of crisis theories, definition of crisis, what can cause crisis, effects of crisis, and resources for crisis, and resources for crisis intervention.
SW 311
Title:Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
Catalog Description: Examines human development from adulthood through old age and death as a continuation from SW 310, utilizing the same theoretical perspectives related to biological, psychological, cognitive, and social development. In addition, as in SW 310, theories regarding small groups, communities, and social organizations will be presented to focus on the interaction among the social, political, economic, biological, cultural, and environmental forces that come to bear on the growth and development of all individuals including minority groups, women, gays and lesbians, and other oppressed groups.
SW 321
Title:Foundations of Social Work Practice
Catalog Description: Designed to prepare students for beginning social work practice. The course provides the foundation for interviewing and counseling that will be used in future methods courses (SW 420 and SW 421) and it prepares students with their first "hands-on" community-based experience as a component of social work education. This course teaches students to use the "best practices" in observation, communication, decision making, and recordkeeping. There is a strong emphasis on cross-cultural sensitivity and rapport building. Attention is given to the influence of age, gender, sexual orientation, geographic origins, disability, and other factors on communication in general. [N]

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