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Office Location: HSCI 139, Elko Campus
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CMI 350
Title:Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation
Catalog Description: Provides knowledge of ultrasound physics and instrumentation including sonographic principles, Doppler principles, artifacts, performance, and safety. [N]
Syllabus (MS Word)
CMI 351
Title:Abdomen and Small Parts
Catalog Description: Provides knowledge of abdomen and small parts ultrasound including abdominal vasculature, liver, gallbladder and biliary tree, pancreas, kidneys and bladder, spleen, thyroid, breast, scrotum, and prostate. Contrast agents, intraoperative applications, and non-routine abdominal views will also be covered. [N]
Syllabus (MS Word)
CMI 352
Title:Obstetric Ultrasound
Catalog Description: Provides knowledge of obstetrical ultrasound including recommendations for obstetric sonography, maternal risk factors, the safety of ultrasound, medical ethics and confidentiality of findings, sonographic evaluation in the first, second, and third trimesters, multiple gestations, embryonic abnormalities, and high-risk pregnancy. [N]
Syllabus (MS Word)
CMI 353
Title:Gynecologic Ultrasound
Catalog Description: Provides knowledge of gynecologic ultrasound including normal anatomy and physiology of the female pelvis, the sonographic and Doppler evaluation of the female pelvis, pathology of the uterus and ovaries, female infertility, extracranial and intracranial cerebrovascular evaluation, and peripheral arterial and venous evaluation. [N]
Syllabus (MS Word)
RAD 225B
Title:Clinical Radiology I
Catalog Description: A planned clinical experience. Gives the student the opportunity to apply didactic education to work-related examinations under the supervision of a registered technologist. The student must demonstrate clinical competency to continue in the program.
RAD 227B
Title:Clinical Radiology III
Catalog Description: A continuation of RAD 226B. Further clinical experiences will take place in order to achieve required competency.
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