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Mr. Colby Jones
Adjunct Faculty / Music Department

I have taught music, in particular, piano performance for over a decade, and instructed Music courses for GBC since 2005.

I studied music under Mrs. Helphry (Julliard Graduate - piano), Mrs. West, M.F.A (piano); Dr. Paige (piano); and voice with Mrs. Palm (London, England), Dr. Dani Jones (Georgia, USA), and Dr. Kim (Daejeon, South Korea).

I spent a semester in Ecuador my wife and son, studying South American indigenous music, colonial culture/music, and Spanish. In February of 2010 we moved to Daejeon, South Korea. We returned to our current home in Douglasville, Georgia in May of 2011.


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  • BA, Social Science Studies - - Cum Laude, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2008
  • MA (candidate), St. Cloud State University, (2012)



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MUS 101
Title:Music Fundamentals
Catalog Description: Notation, terminology, intervals, and scales. Designed to furnish a foundation for musicianship. Recommended for teachers in public schools and all others desiring a basic music background. (Formerly MUS 101, Music Fundamentals and Ear Training) [F*]
My Comments:The Syllabus is for Summer 2009. Students must purchase Finale Notepad from for $9.95 to create their own music. This course can be challenging, but is also very rewarding, as students learn to write their own music by the end.
MUS 121
Title:Music Appreciation
Catalog Description: The historical and cultural background of music and origins to the twentieth century. [H*]
My Comments:The Syllabus is for Summer 2009. The course is based on chapter discussions (mini-essays), based on the text, videos, lectures, the music, and extra sources. The course explores World music and Western traditions, much of which will be entirely new to students.
MUS 203
Title:Music Theory I
Catalog Description: Counterpoint and harmony (written and keyboard). [F]
My Comments:The Syllabus is for Summer 2009. Students learn more advanced music writing techniques, such as counterpoint and modulation. Students are required to have already taken MUS101, but may still join the course will Instructor's permission. You must download the Finale Notepad program from for $9.95 to create your own music/assignments.

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Mountain Landscape of Ecuador

Cathedrals of Cuenca

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Palace in Seoul, S. Korea

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