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Jinho Jung
Math Instructor, Math Department


"Fear comes from uncertainty. When we are absolutely certain, whether of our worth or worthlessness, we are almost impervious to fear." — William Congreve



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Office Location: MCML 137, Elko Campus
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  • Monday: 8-9am
  • Tuesday: 8-9am
  • Wednesday: 8-9am
  • Thursday: 8-9am
  • Friday: 8-9am


  • MS in Mathematics, University of North Dakota, 2005
  • MS in Physics, Idaho State University, 2012


Recommended Reading

  • The Heart of Mathematics, An invitation to effective thinking, Edward B. Burger, Michael Starbird
  • Journey to argartha , Admiral Richard E. Byrd


Recommended Web Links

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  • Hollow Earth, UFOs, and Aliens
  • Messages encoded in Crop Circles
  • Parallel Universe
  • Teleportation, Time and Space
  • Playing tennis, Biking, Swimming, Hiking, Running, and anything outdoor
  • AMATYC-American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges
  • American Health Physics Society


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MATH 126
Title: Precalculus I
Catalog Description: A third course in algebra, intended for those who are majoring in a science field, a business-related field, or mathematics; as part of a mathematics endorsement for elementary education; or for students who are going on to calculus. This course stresses functions, including their graphs and applications, polynomial functions, radical functions, exponential, and logarithmic functions. This is the first half of a two-semester sequence. MATH 126 and MATH 127 together, or MATH 126 and STAT 152 together, satisfy the mathematics requirement for an Associate of Science degree; also see the bachelor’s degree requirements. This course satisfy the College Algebra requirement for programs that require College Algebra and Statistics.
Syllabus (PDF)
Title: Introduction to Statistics, Stats 152/Spring 2016
Catalog Description: Catalog Description: Includes descriptive statistics, probability models, random variables, statistical estimation and hypothesis testing, linear regression analysis, and other topics. Designed to show the dependence of statistics on probability. It is recommended that students have completed prerequisites within two years of enrolling in this course. Three semester credits. Expanded course description: This course will cover chapter 1 through 13 excluding Ch11, and including Ch14 of the text book, Introductory Statistics 9th ed by Neil A Weiss. There will be homework, quizzes, the midterm and the final exam, and the MyStatLab software will be utilized in order to obtain and expand the knowledge and math skills.
Syllabus (PDF)
MATH 182
Title:Calculus II (Online)
Catalog Description: This course is a continuation of MATH181. The course covers the transcendental functions and their inverses, methods of integration, the conic sections, alternate coordinate systems, sequences and series, and Taylor polynomials.
Syllabus (PDF)
INT 359
Title: INT 359 Integrated Seminar in Mathematics- Geometric Analysis of Natural and Unnatural Phenomena; Crop Circle formations
Catalog Description: An integrative seminar on topics in mathematics. The topics will vary to address needs and interests of programs. May be repeated once for credit if the topics are different. Prerequisite: Must have completed 40 or more credits and have completed (ENG 102 or ENG 333) and (MATH 120 or MATH 126 or higher or AMS 310 or STAT 152). This course will explore variety of topics in mathematics such as college level geometry, the relation between mathematics and the arts, graphs and functions, the logarithm and exponential functions, Fibonacci sequence, INT 359 Spring 2016 2 binomial probability, in conjunction with the crop circles. This course put effort in mathematical analysis on crop circles, introducing decoded messages in the selected crop circles, and new geometric theorems discovered by crop circle experts.
Syllabus (PDF)
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