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COT 151
Title:Introduction to Microsoft Word
Catalog Description: An introduction to Microsoft Word, a word processing software, ruler, toolbars, dialog boxes, cut, copy, and paste, autocorrect, spell check, template documents, columns, outlines, merge, clip art, graphics, text art, and tables. Recommended: COT 101 or 30 words per minute keyboarding skill.
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GRC 101
Title:Introduction to Graphic Communications
Catalog Description: Introduction to systems and technologies involved in the reproduction of art into various media. Graphic communications history, theory, processes, industry makeup, current and future technologies, and job opportunities.
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GRC 103
Title:Introduction to Computer Graphics
Catalog Description: Introduction to the computer as a graphic communications tool using image editing and page layout software. Software literacy, computer graphics terminology, design application, and production are stressed.
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GRC 119
Title:Computer Graphics/Digital Media
Catalog Description: Introduction to the key digital elements of multimedia. Overview of hardware and software, design principles, and management skills needed to develop dynamic, interactive multimedia products. Knowledge of Windows '95 or later operating system is strongly recommended.
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GRC 156
Title:Computer Illustration
Catalog Description: Introduction to visual communication as it relates to commercial art using vector-based software with an emphasis on corporate identity. Covers graphic design methodology, layout, typography, symbols, logos, and logo systems developed from thumbnails through final design.
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GRC 183
Title:Electronic Imaging
Catalog Description: Introduction to digital imagery as a source for creating new images, scanning, and image manipulation. Explores visual communication through technical and conceptual methods. Recommended prerequisite: GRC 103. Also available as ART 243.
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GRC 188
Title:Web Animation and Interactivity I
Catalog Description: Introduction to animations and interactivity for the Web and mobile devices using Flash. Focuses on planning, design, and production. Topics covered include information architecture, navigational systems, tweens, audio, video, ActionScript, object properties, components, conditional actions, and publishing options. Recommended prerequisite: GRC 156.
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GRC 256
Title:Computer Illustration II
Catalog Description: Advanced two-dimensional illustration techniques using vector-based graphics software. Graphic projects are created with elements of design and application of principles of design. Recommended prerequisite: GRC 156.
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IS 101
Title:Introduction to Information Systems
Catalog Description: Introduction to computer-based information systems management including hardware/software relationships, business applications usage, systems theory, current technology, networking, the Internet, computer security, and privacy issues. Recommended corequisite: IS 201.
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