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The Bachelor of Applied Science program is not accepting any new applications for the Land Surveying/Geomatics emphasis at this time.

Please read the attached letter from the Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding the status of the Land Surveying Program. Thank you. [Related PDF* Document]

Surveying is the art and science of measuring the physical features of the earth using specialized equipment and procedures to obtain results that meet the specifications of clients. Career opportunities in surveying are available with private survey and mapping firms; federal, state, and local government agencies; and large land development companies. Geomatics professionals frequently perform boundary retracement surveys to locate parcel boundary lines for clients. They perform engineering-related surveys to prepare maps, plots, and plans depicting topography. They also verify the location of existing or planned surface or sub-surface features in relation to existing survey control. Using high-precision optical and electromechanical instruments and global positioning data from satellites, surveyors are responsible for interpreting the information and formulating conclusions.

The program is structured to allow students to work while gaining coursework toward the four-year degree in the evenings and over the Internet.

Licensure requirements to practice Land Surveying/Geomatics vary from state to state. Nevada statute requires a four-year degree in Land Surveying/Geomatics for new members to gain licensure within the Profession. The typical path to licensure allows one to sit for the eight-hour Fundamentals of Surveying Examination upon graduation from the required four-year degree program. Successful passage of the Fundamentals of Surveying Examination typically results in the status of Land Surveyor in Training. After gaining four years of verifiable experience acceptable to the Nevada State Board of Engineers and Surveyors, the candidate for licensure may be allowed to sit for the six hour Principles and Practices of Surveying and the two-hour Nevada State Specific Examination. Successful passage of these two examinations will allow the candidate to apply for professional licensure as a land surveyor.

The Land Surveying/Geomatics Program has been accepted to meet the educational requirements for licensure in Nevada and many other states. The potential student is advised to check with the licensure board of your state to verify that the GBC Program will meet the educational requirement for licensure.


Great Basin College is providing the opportunity for land surveyors, licensed in any state in the United States, to assist qualified students gain the laboratory portion of the two lower division survey courses, in classical survey fundamentals, required to gain a four year degree in Land Surveying/Geomatics. Additional information about the sponsorship program is provided under Relevant Additional Reading, below.


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  • Please read the attached letter from the Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding the status of the Land Surveying Program. Thank you. [Related PDF* Document]

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