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Jonica Gonzalez
Career and Technical Education Advising and Placement
1500 College Parkway Elko, Nevada 89801
Phone: (775) 753-2406


““Employers who provide internships are investing in their future workforce and gaining an enthusiastic employee.””
- Bret Murphy, Dean College of Business and Technology


“Internships improve our program because they give our students the opportunity to get more practical experience than what they can access in the class and lab facility.”
- Tom Bruns, Instructor Industrial Millwright Technology


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Internship Program Information

GBC Shop Students graphic.How Do Student Internships Work?

Students can apply for general consideration based on the student’s program of study at the beginning of the school year, or, for specific internships throughout the school year.

Students may only participate in one internship each school/academic year.

Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a student internship:

  • Have a satisfactory GPA (Minimum of 2.5)
  • Be enrolled in a current CTE program (Industrial Millwright, Welding, Instrumentation, Electrical Systems or Diesel Technology)
  • Successfully complete any training (MSHA or OSHA), drug and alcohol screening or a background check required by the employer
  • Be willing to obtain personal protective equipment (PPE) if required (steel-toed work boots, safety glasses, etc.)

Student Internship Expectations

  • Maintain a satisfactory GPA
  • Complete the internship orientation
  • Show up on time each day when scheduled to work and follow the attendance guidelines outlined in the student internship guide
  • Maintain the GBC Student Intern Journal to track work-based learning experiences
  • Abide by the policies, expectations and guidelines outlined by the staffing agency, employer partner/supervisor and GBC Internship Student Code of Conduct
  • Use feedback from the internship worksite supervisor to improve skills, increase knowledge and grow personally
  • Contact the GBC Pathways Specialist if any concerns or issues arise during the internship
  • Complete a debriefing session with the GBC Pathways Specialist at the end of the internship

Student Application for Internship

Apply for a student internship through the GBC Student Internship Program!

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Employers interested in participating in the student internship program should:

  • Complete the College-Site Agreement for Paid Placement of an Internship
  • Choose a staffing agency to utilize for payroll and liability insurance — GeoTemps, American Staffing or Manpower or, pay students directly through your company
  • Provide internship information to the Pathways Specialist, including: location, hours/schedule, pay, time frame, and any other requirements
  • Review student applications to select a student intern, or request assistance from the Pathways Specialist selecting a student intern
  • Contact the Pathways Specialist at any point during the internship to get assistance, share concerns or modify the original agreement
  • Provide feedback to GBC and the CTE department as requested regarding student conduct and progress during the agreed-upon time frame; provide a final review of the intern and internship process at the end of the year

Employer Benefits

  • Provides opportunities to build relationships with, train and evaluate potential future employees
  • Provides opportunities to positively influence students while they learn vital work skills
  • Provides opportunities to utilize skilled “substitutes” during holidays, weekends, school breaks, shut-downs and summer months
  • Provides opportunities to incorporate energetic short-term “employees” with fresh ideas, specialized skill sets and positive perspectives
  • Provides opportunities to share workforce development feedback directly with Great Basin College and the CTE programs

Employer Request for a Student Intern

Request a student intern through the GBC Student Internship Program!

For More Information Contact

Jonica Gonzalez
Career and Technical Education Advising and Placement
1500 College Parkway Elko, Nevada 89801
Phone: (775) 753-2406

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