CIT 454

Course Objectives:
At the end of the course, each student should be able to:

The above goals will be measured using a combination of:

  1. Create a working Internet store front.
  2. Report to the class.

Catalog Description:

CIT 454 - eCommerce 3 cr.

Ecommerce examples will be explored, along with concepts of this modern selling environment. Two working ecommerce sites will be developed on the Internet. (Prerequisite: a Web Specialist emphasis, or COT 301 and CIT 302)

There is no required text book. Learning materials will come from the Internet and the OSCommerce site.

Student Project:
The main Internet store front is due on December 11. This project, is the main basis of your grade. It is a comprehensive store front application showing what you have learned during the course. More information on the requirements of the project will be presented in class.

Internet Server:
Students can either use the college system's Internet server to house their OSCommerce store front or use a commercial storage site such as

Fall 2006 Revision date: May 6, 2006 Credits: 3
Instructors: Larry Hyslop Larry's Office: High Tech Center- 132 Larry's Office hours: M-Th 10-11:30
Great Basin College 1500 College Pkwy. Elko, NV 89801
Larry's Phone: 775-753-2305 (office)  753-8095 (home, before 8pm)  753-2160 (college fax)
Larry's Email: larryh (at) (outside of WebCT)    

Instructional Methods:

This class requires regular attendance. Classes can be missed, however, as long as the project is maintained.

Cumulative grades will be determined as follows:
 100-98 A+
97-93 A
92-90 A-      Worth:
89-88 B+      Project: 80%
87-83 B        Reports: 20%
82-80 B-
79-78 C+
77-73 C
72-70 C-
69-68 D+
67-63 D
62-60 D-
<60 F

During the class, your completed work may be displayed for the benefit of the entire class. If this bothers you, please notify me in writing during the first week of class.
Special Needs:
GBC supports providing equal access for students with disabilities. An advisor is available to discuss appropriate accommodations with students. Please contact the ADA Officer (Julie Byrnes at 775-753-2271 at your earliest convenience to request timely and appropriate accommodations.

This is a full semester class requiring considerable time spent on the computer each and every of the 16 weeks. If you are not prepared to work this schedule, do not continue with this class.