Introduction to Windows

For the Anxious Beginner

Spring 2006 - COT 061 E01


Instructor:     Ann Wright                                     Room:        HTC108

Phone:           738-8349                                         Credits:      0.5 credit

E-mail:                Dates:         Feb 14 Mar 2

Class Time:   9:30 10:45 a.m.  Tuesday & Thursday

Optional Reference:  Windows XP Professional Bar Chart by John Hales


Catalog Description:     A course for those with no previous computer knowledge, focusing on basic Windows skills.


Course Description:      This is a beginning computer course on the Microsoft Windows XP computer operating system.  There is no prerequisite for this course.


Learner Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:

          Move, resize and work with windows and dialog boxes

Open software from shortcuts or menus

          Use WordPad and Paint Accessories

Use Windows Help

Use My Computer and Windows Explorer to manipulate files

Create folders for file management

Customize the desktop


Method of Instruction:     This class is taught by illustration from the instructor, working together on examples, and in class assignments.


Grading:        This course is a Pass/Withdraw class.  To receive a Pass the student must participate in at least four of the class assignments.



Attendance is very important in a class like this with only 6 sessions.   

If you have questions please ask someone else probably has the same question but is afraid to speak up.


Qualified students with physical or documented learning disabilities have the right to free accommodations to ensure equal access to educational opportunities at Great Basin College.  For assistance, contact the Disabled Student Services Office at 753-2271.