ENGLISH 411B: Principles of Modern Grammar


Instructor:                            Dr. Linda Uhlenkott


Office:                                                McMullen Hall #119

                                                Phone: 753-2346; Fax 753-2131



Office Hours:                       M – noon – 2:00 p.m.; T noon – 2:00 p.m (in the Academic Success Center); W 11:00 a.m. - noon.  Other hours by appointment.


Texts and Materials           Analyzing English Grammar. Thomas P. Klammer, et. al. Fourth Ed. ISBN: 0-321-18271-5 (required).


Catalog Description: Modern English grammar and usage.  English 411B is designed for students seeking certification in secondary English.

Prerequisites: ENG 102 and ENG 329 or instructor’s approval. Credits: 3


Course Goals: English 411B is designed to help students better understand and explain the production of grammatical spoken and written English, to make choices between different forms of grammar, and to explain why one choice is preferable. English 411B is designed, as well, to help students become more able to evaluate the rules given in grammar books and to make stylistic choices in their own language use.


Methods of Instruction

This course is designed as an online course; it will be conducted using WebCT. Students will participate in online, asynchronous discussions; they will read and respond to material from the text; they will use writing workshop techniques to evaluate and edit written papers, their own and those provided by the instructor.


Student Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following.

·        Explain grammar choices

·        Evaluate grammar rules as presented in different handbooks

·        Use grammar correctly

·        Differentiate between formal and informal grammar usage

·        Differentiate between descriptive and prescriptive rules

·        Create effective ways of teaching grammar to secondary students





Explain grammar choices

Exercises in text

Evaluate grammar rules as presented in different handbooks

Comparison of two handbooks; written presentation

Use grammar correctly

Research paper, other written work, bulletin board discussions, quizzes

Differentiate between formal and informal grammar usage

Complete study and analysis of local/personal vernacular and/or dialects

Differentiate between descriptive and prescriptive rules

Exercises in text

Create effective ways of teaching grammar to secondary students

Group project


Assignments and Expectations:

In English 411B, you will be expected to complete exercises from the text, evaluate written papers for correctness and usage, write at least one research paper, and compare grammar handbooks. You will also be expected to analyze your own writing as a means of learning to evaluate and explain grammar rules. This is an online class, but it is not self-paced. To enhance and facilitate student discussion, you will be expected to participate in small group discussions via the bulletin board.



Although we will not be meeting in a traditional classroom, you will be expected to log onto the WebCT course at least three times a week. You are also expected to log on and make contact with the instructor within the first week of course. Students who fail to logon will be dropped from the course.



Contributing to class discussion via the bulletin board is key to active intellectual development. Your lack of participation in the discussions will be detrimental to your grade.


Daily work

Our book has a number of exercises in each chapter. Students will be responsible for completing the exercises assigned.



Please use MLA format and style in your writing. The MLA Handbook or any recent college writing handbook will give you the necessary information.



Bulletin Board postings, WebCT participation (30%)

Daily exercises 30%

Group project 20%

Documented essay (8-12 pages) (10%)

Quizzes 10%