Fall Semester 2007, ENG 497A

Multicultural Literature

Course Schedule

All readings and assignments must be completed by the day they are listed.

A discussion posting must be posted by Thursday at 11:55 p.m., but aim to have your discussion posted earlier.

A discussion response is due by Sunday at 11:55 p.m.

Readings are from American Mosaic, unless otherwise noted. Readings are listed by the author’s last name. Read the introductory notes, as well as the reading.


Week 1

8/30: Post an introduction in the Discussions area. Review course requirements and read assignments from “Ellis Island” website and “The New Colossus.” Choose and purchase supplementary book #1. Post Discussion 1 and respond to another student’s posting by Sunday, 9/2.

Week 2

9/6  Introduction to “Points of Entry, pp 2-10. Bruchac, Adams, Sarris, Hoffman, Fukuyama, Krupat. Connecting, p. 71-2. Post Discussion 2 by Thursday and respond to another student’s posting by Sunday.

Week 3

9/13: Complete 50 pages of your supplementary book #1. Introduction, pp. 76-83. “Indian Removal Act,” Chief Joseph, Silko.

* (From this point on, discussions will be abbreviated, i.e.: D3. It is understood that you will post your message no later than Thursday and a response to another student’s posting by Sunday. (D3).

Week 4

9/20: Complete 50 pages of Book #1, Erdrich. Allen, Ortiz, Hogan, “Connecting.” (D4).

Week 5

9/27: Choose and purchase Book #2. Complete Book 1. Thought paper #1 due.

Week 6

10/4: Introduction, 160-165. “Bill of Rights,” Yezierska, Riis, Davidson and Lytle, Pinsky, “Connecting.” Begin Book #2. (D5).

Week 7

10/11: Essay #1 due. Continue Book #2. You will need to have your book completed by December 6.

Week 8

10/18: Introduction, pp. 250-255. “Chinese Exclusion Act,” Gold Mountain Poems, Kingston, Tan, Ling, “Connecting.” (D6).


Week 9

10/25:          Introduction, pp. 334-343. Constitution of South Carolina, “From Brown vs. Board of Education,” Hughes, Ellison, Gaines, Brooks. (D7).

Week 10

11/1:  King, Malcolm X, “Connecting.” Introduction, pp. 432-6. Mohr. (D8)

Week 11

11/8:  Introduction, pp. 482-7. Okada, Hongo, Thornburgh, Pool, Takaki, “Connecting.” (D 9). Thought Paper #2 due.

 Week 12

11/15: Introduction, 554-560. “From Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,” Rivera, Mora, Cisneros, Limon. Baca: “Martin.” (D10).

Week 13  

11/21:          Baca: “Meditations from the South Valley.” Thought Paper #2 due.

11/22: Thanksgiving

Week 14

11/29: Calderon, Rodriguez, Martinez, “Connecting.” (D10)

Week 15

12/6: Introduction, pp. 644-47, “Immigration and Nationality Act of 1980,” Schuck, and “Connecting.” Choose an additional reading from this chapter. (D11).

Thought Paper #3 due.

Week 16:

12/12: Essay #2 due by this Wednesday.