Great Basin College

English 095 – Basic Writing II, E04 – Fall 2007

Section E01 – Web Enhanced


Instructor:   Susanne Bentley

Office Hours: M-TH: 9:30 - 11 a.m. and by appointment

Office: MCML Room 122

Phone:  775-753-2358







Prerequisite:  Accuplacer, ACT, or SAT score & writing sample; placement by English department.


Credits:  3



Course Objective/Description: English 095 is considered a refresher course where we will improve your reading and writing skills so that you may confidently advance to college transfer courses.  The course provides you with an intensive reading/writing experience.  We will work on sentence structure, paragraph structure and essay development in an attempt to prepare you for college-level writing.  We will also cover study skills and comprehension techniques as well as some vocabulary development.  The course is supported by attendance in the Academic Success Center located in McMullen Hall #103 where you will receive individual attention in the areas of mechanics, content, and organization.  My hope is that you will leave this class with a new confidence about your writing and with skills that enable you to address your writing issues.


You will improve your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills as we explore the commercial mass media in America.  As Americans, we get much of our information about the world through the commercial mass media. Media not only shapes much of our understanding of society, culture, and politics, but it also influences the way we see ourselves. Media literacy -- the ability to discern media’s persuasive and manipulative aspects – is essential for citizens in a democracy.


Through interactions with various types of media, this course will help students understand how the media influences their own lives and develop a critical approach to being consumers of commercial mass media.

In addition to these objectives, students will also learn:


Methods of Instruction:  This class will take place in a variety of ways including writing workshop, lecture, student-led instruction, presentation, and small group work.


WEBCampus Enhancement:  ENG. 095 is a web-enhanced (or hybrid) course.  Our course calendar and course information is available on WebCampus.  Each student will receive a user name and password for WebCampus early in the semester.  Your instructor will conduct a WebCampus orientation for you.  You will be encouraged to access course information via WebCampus.  You can also email your instructor or other classmates via WebCampus.  In addition, you may be asked to submit certain assignments into the Assignment Drop Box or by attaching them to an email in WebCampus.  The web-enhanced feature is designed to help you keep class materials more organized, communicate more effectively, and learn some of the basic features of electronic classes.  You do not need a home computer to participate.  WebCampus is available on any computer in the Academic Success Center and on most campus computers.


To find WebCampus:  go to <>.   Find the Webcampus link in the right-hand menu. Click on it and go to Webcampus.  Enter your user name and password.


Remember:   Writing is a process.  All writers are constantly in the process of improving.  In this class we need to trust ourselves and each other: you need to trust your own ideas, that you have something worthwhile to say; you need to trust that I will do all I can to help you learn the skills or writing; and finally, I need to trust that you are putting your best efforts into your writing because learning to write well requires considerable time and energy from all of us.



Learner Outcomes


Identify main ideas and differentiate those from supporting details.

Student discussion of readings; evidence in written essays.

Recognize and correct faulty mechanics.

Error Analysis Assignments; Academic Success Center (ASC) tutor requirement.

Use appropriate language and tone based on purpose, audience, and topic.

Quality of written essays; rubric evaluation; evidence of improvement through revision.

Construct coherent, well-developed paragraphs.

Quality of written essays; rubric evaluation.

Revise written assignments using the writing process.

Evidence of revision in student portfolio.

Construct a basic essay demonstrating techniques of solid organization.

Quality of written essays; rubric evaluation; evidence of improvement through revision.

Write clear, defined thesis statements.

Instructor observation of skill development in practice sessions; evidence in written essays; rubric evaluation.

Utilize the GBC library services to find appropriate articles and information.

Instructor observation of skill; appropriate choice of articles for written essays.

Apply the basics of MLA format and documentation to all written work.

Evidence in written work; rubric evaluation.

Show readiness for ENG. 101

Successful completion of final department read; successful completion of Academic Success Center (ASC) requirement.


Evaluation:  You will be required to keep a portfolio of your writing in this class.  The portfolio needs to contain each assigned paper and all rough drafts.  This will show the process you went through to attain a final paper.  I will collect the portfolios at semester’s end.  At this time you will receive letter grades on your essays and overall course grades. When you turn in initial drafts of a paper, you will receive extensive comments, but no letter grade until the final portfolio.  The idea here is that you have plenty of opportunity to improve a paper before it receives a letter grade.  Be sure to revise and improve upon ALL of your required essays. Failure to do so will result in poor final grades.


Portfolio Guidelines:

·        Use the small, three-ring binder available at the bookstore.

·        Provide some sort of obvious divider between each assigned paper.

·        Provide a table of contents

·        Provide a letter to your readers.

·        Organize it according to your instructor’s instructions.


Final Read


Your final essay (Essay 3) will be submitted to an English Department Final Read.  GBC English faculty meets to evaluate your final essay.  This means that English instructors from across the GBC campus will read your work to help determine if you are ready for ENG. 101.  If your essay does not receive a passing score at the final read, you may fail ENG. 095.  It is your job to show the faculty that you have mastered the essential skills of ENG. 095 and are ready to advance. 




Students will receive a letter grade in English 095.  Although this grade will not transfer to a university or apply to a degree, it does count toward GPA for financial aid and other purposes. 


Grades are determined as follows:


Essays #1-3 = 60%

Error Analysis Assignments #1- #3 = 10%

2 In-class Writing Essays = 10%

3 Mini-Research Tasks = 5%

4 Reading Tasks = 15%


A final course grade of “D” is not a passing grade.  The grade of “D” is not accepted for advancement into ENG. 101 or ENG. 100. 


In addition to completing the three essays, the three error analysis assignments, the two In-Class Writings, the three mini-research tasks, and maintaining the Response/Writing Journal, students are required to receive passing scores on all other course work including:


·        3 peer editing sessions

·        misc. assignments

·        10 required ASC visits

·        final portfolios

·        satisfactory participation in class and in groups

·        three or fewer absences


Failure to receive passing scores on any course work may result in failure of the course.


Expectations of Attendance: The most important element to this course is attendance.  You will only get out of it what you put into it.  I expect you to be in class every day we meet, on time, and prepared.  I expect reading and writing assignments to be ready on time.  I expect your genuine and sincere effort toward improving your reading and writing skills.  We follow the stated GBC attendance policy (see catalogue), which is one absence per credit hour.  This means you may have three absences during the semester. For ENG. 095:

                   Four absences = no credit (withdrawal)

                   Two tardies = 1 absence

If you do miss a class, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and catch up on that work before the next class period.  You must ask, inform yourself, and be aware of course details even if you are absent.  Be aware that no absence in ENG. 095 is an “excused absence.”  All absences will count toward your three allowed absences.


Withdrawal:  If you miss more than three classes, confer with your instructor about your status.  It is your responsibility to withdraw from the course by week 13 of the semester in order to get a “W” issued on your transcript.  If you do not withdraw from the course, your instructor will issue an “F” for your final grade.


Academic Success Center Requirement:    

As a developmental English student at GBC, you have a mandatory requirement in the Academic Success Center (ASC) in McMullen 103.   You must make a series of 10 one-hour appointments with writing tutors in the ASC, according to the schedule that follows. See the Tutor Task Chart attached to the end of this syllabus. For each appointment, you have a specific class-related task to complete with a tutor’s guidance. Please be sure to complete your appointment by the date specified on your schedule.  If you do not complete the appointment on or by the date specified, it will not count toward your completion of this requirement. 


Failure to complete the tutor visitation requirement (10 visits) will result in failure of the course regardless of other work.


Students may visit the tutors more than the required ten visits.  You are welcome as often as you like to go.


Each time you arrive for your visit at the ASC, you will log in on the Tutor Trac software.  Then, find your tutor and let him/her know you are present. Tutors keep a record of your visits through Tutor Trac, so if you forget to sign in or do not make contact with your tutor, your visit will not be recognized! 


You may make appointments by calling the ASC at 753-2149.  You may also sign up for an appointment online by following the directions attached to this syllabus.  If you make an appointment and have to cancel it, be sure to call the ASC.  You can also cancel your appointment on Tutor Trac up to one day in advance.



Tutorial sessions are one-hour mini-classes focusing on specific writing issues.  Up to three of your tutor visits can be substituted with a Tutorial Session.  (You cannot, however, substitute the visits marked “no substitution” – see Tutor Task Chart).  To find a list of Tutorial Sessions scheduled for this semester, visit your course WebCampus site or ask for a handout in the ASC.   


Essay Format Requirements:

All major writing assignment must be submitted on time, in proper manuscript form.  This means:    12 pt. font, double-spaced, one-inch margins, on standard white paper.  All essays must present the following information in the upper left corner, double-spaced:


                   Fred Smith (your name)

                   Eng. 095 - Bentley

                   Essay #1 – My Media History

                   28 Sept. 2007

Then, double space and put your original title, centered.


Television’s Addicts


After your title, double space and begin your essay.


NOTE:  Failure to follow these format guidelines may result in your paper being returned without an evaluation.


Please present work that is neat, carefully proofread, and attractively presented.  Practice proper paragraph structure: indent the first sentence; use a topic sentence, body sentences, and concluding sentence. We will always discuss major writing assignments in detail.  You will receive separate assignment sheets detailing criteria and due dates for proposal memos, peer editing, and when the essay is due to the instructor.    


Response/Writing Journal:   In a spiral-bound notebook used only for this purpose, you will be asked to respond in writing to specific prompts at the beginning of each class.  We will be writing in class everyday.  Some of these prompts will be related to the reading you have been assigned.  Others may be related to the essay assignments.  The Response/Writing Journal serves you in many ways.  By writing while reading, you develop your understanding of what you read.  The journal will also provide you with a resource for your essay assignments as you brainstorm your topics.  You will always need to number your entry for each writing day.  Grades for the Response/Writing Journals will be determined by the number of entries, the length of the entry (at least half the page, handwritten), and the quality of thought expressed in your responses.


A = 30+ entries

B = 26 – 29 entries

C = 25 – 22 entries

D = 18 or fewer entries


Confidentiality:  The English Department respects the policy that your grades are your and your instructor’s business only.  However, during the semester, student writing will be shared with peers and/or Academic Success Center tutors for revision purposes and may be publicly displayed.  This is an integral part of the college writing program.  If you have comments concerning this policy, please make them known to me during the first week of the course.


Accommodations:  GBC supports providing equal access for students with disabilities.  An advisor is available to discuss appropriate accommodations with students.  Please contact the Student Services Office in Elko at 753-2271 at your earliest convenience to request timely and appropriate accommodations.


Policy of Academic Integrity: You are expected to be honest.  Acts such as cheating and plagiarism are violations of the University of Nevada System’s code of conduct as well as violations of the standards of intellectual honesty.  Students who violate these standards are subject to consequences ranging from dismissal from a class to dismissal from the academic institution. 


NOTE:  Please do not have cell phones turned on in class as they cause unnecessary disruptions.  If you must be contacted during class, please have family/friends call the GBC switchboard and they will deliver a message.  The number is 738-8493.


***This is your class.  If you have any concerns or academic problems, or if you need special assistance please discuss all matters with me first – as soon as you can.  If you have further concerns, see page 46 of the current GBC catalog 2003-2004 on the procedure you must follow to protect your rights.


GBC supports providing equal access for students with disabilities.  An advisor is available to discuss appropriate accommodations with students.  Please contact the ADA Officer (Julie Byrnes) in Elko at 775.753.2271 at your earliest convenience to request timely and appropriate accommodations.  


#1  (no substitution)

      Tutor Trac Intro/Log In

      Web CT Intro/Log In

Sept. 6


#2    Review Proposal for Essay 1

         Discuss Brainstorming/

         Prewriting for Essay 1


Sept. 13


#3     (no substitution)

      Review Complete

      Draft of Essay 1


Sept. 27


#4  Create/Review Outline

     And proposal for

     Essay 2.   


      on ideas for Essay 2.

Oct. 11


#5   Review/Discuss Error Analysis 1


Oct. 18


#6  (no substitution)

     Review Complete

     Draft of Essay 2.


Oct. 25


#7 Review/discuss

     Mini-Task #2


Nov. 1


#8  Create/Review

     Outline & Proposal

     For Essay 3.

Nov. 8


#9  Review Error Analysis 2.   


Nov. 15


#10   (no substitution)

     Review complete

     Draft of Essay 3.



Nov. 29