Course Syllabus, Fall 2007

INT. 100 E04 GBC Orientation




Instructor: Barbra Moss                  

Phone: 753-2144                   

Office Location: MCML 123

Office Hours: 7-3

I am available for assistance to INT 100 students to answer students questions.


Course Meeting Times:  Wednesday 1:2:15


Catalog description:

An introduction to Great Basin College and its programs and services; an introduction to essential aspects of the college experience in order to promote student success. (No prerequisites.)  .5 credit.


Required Texts:

Becoming a Master Student. 11th ed.  by David Ellis.  ISBN: 0-618-46770-X


A current Great Basin College catalog, course schedule, and student handbook (provided in your class).


ADA Statement:

Any student with a disability requesting accommodations is requested to contact the Student Services Office in Elko at 753-2279 as soon as possible.


Course Goal:

The goal of INT 100 is to introduce students to Great Basin College and its programs and services so that they will achieve their academic goals. INT. 100 also serves as a way to provide ongoing support for GBC freshman during their first critical semester by building community and culture among students.


Student Outcomes                                                 Measurements

1. Student will become familiar with GBC campus, departments, and programs.

Completion of Campus Tour with SGA

Regular class attendance.

2. Student will create an Individual Program Plan.

Documented visits with advisors. 

3. Students will be introduced to the concept of academic rigor, especially reading and writing.

Completion of reading/writing tasks. Evidence of utilizing reading/writing strategies.

4. Students will learn to accesses the services of Financial Aid and the Academic Success Center.

Attendance at Financial Aid discussion in class.

Completion of Campus Tour

5. Student will be introduced to study skill strategies like note-taking and time management skills.

Completion of time management form.

Completion of reading assignments and class discussion.

6. Students will learn about the policies that govern student life as well as the services available to them as students.

Attendance in class for plagiarism discussion.

Completion of Library Visit.


7. Students will examine their place within the college culture and community by recognizing and sharing their diverse backgrounds. 

Family History Discussion/Presentation



This course is required of all first-time students taking 12 or more credits. It is also a graduation requirement for all Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science degrees for students entering under the Fall 2000 catalog and thereafter. Part-time students are not required to take this course their first semester of enrollment, but they are encouraged to take it as soon as possible after their first enrollment; it is required for graduation.


Method of Instruction:

Information will be presented in this orientation by the instructor and assisted by other individuals from the GBC campus. There will be discussions about assigned reading and some in-class activities.


Out-of-Class Orientation Tasks:

Students will be expected to complete some assigned outside tasks on their own to pass the class. The required out-of-class tasks require an official sign-off signature to show proof of completion.  Students must use the form attached to this syllabus. 



Grading will be by the Pass/Withdraw system. To receive passing grades in the class, students will complete all of the following:

______Satisfy the GBC attendance requirement (see catalog).

______Show evidence of meeting with an advisor and receiving academic advising by

            completion of the Individual Program Plan.

______Complete course assignments and out-of-class activities as assigned and planned.












Orientation Check-Off Form for Out-of-Class Tasks


NOTE: This form must be completed and submitted to your instructor by the final day of class.



Fall 2007

Student Name:______________________



Orientation Task:           Must be finished by:      Official Signature:

#1  Student Life and Information Day

August 31 (in Big Horn Activity Center) 8 a.m. 12 p.m. & 1-4 p.m. (drop by anytime)


#2    Library Visit


Sept. 7


#3   ASC Tutor Visit


Sept. 14


#4 Placement Testing (Accuplacer, ACT, or SAT

Sept. 28


#4   Advisor Meeting

Sept. 28