English 223

Themes of Literature

Literature and the Environment

Fall, 2008 Calendar


All readings are from Literature and the Environment, unless marked otherwise. Each section of the book has an introduction, which you will read. Each chapter also has an introduction. The chapter introductions are a short sentence or two that appear in italics at the top of the first page of the chapter selection. Please read these introductions as thought starters for the chapters.


For example, the chapter introduction for Chapter 1, “What is wild and instinctual in our nature, and how do we respond to it? How does this response influence our relations with the outer world?” appears on p. 3.


Choose at least two texts to respond to in your journal each week.


Week 1

8/25:  Reading for this week: “To the Student” pp. xxi – xxii, section introduction for Part I, “The Human Animal,” p. 1.

Oliver, p. 3, Dillard p. 4, Snyder p.14, Williams p. 27, Appendix, p. 504-509.

8/30:  Due: Syllabus Quiz

Due: Two journal responses (J1, J2)

          Complete Discussion 1



Week 2

9/1:    Reading for this week: London p. 31, Thoreau p. 47, Chapter intro p. 63, Levertov p. 63, Wright p. 64. Appendix, p. 509-515.

9/6     Due: Two journal responses (J3, J4)

          Complete Discussion 2

          Book one assignment


Week 3

9/8:    Reading for this week: Stafford p. 79, Silko p. 109,

chapter intro p. 115, Wintu tribe p. 117, Nelson p. 119, Shepard p. 141, Appendix p. 515-518.

Work on Reading Biography

Begin reading your supplemental book




9/13:  Complete one journal response for book. (J5)

          Complete one journal response for this week’s readings. (J6)

          Complete Discussion 3

          Reading Biography due



Week 4

9/15:  Readings: Leopold p. 148, Jewett p. 150, Bishop p. 160, section intro p.

          163 and chapter intro 166, Hughes p. 168, Muir p. 178.

9/20:  Complete Discussion 4

Two journal responses due (J7, J8)



Week 5

9/22:           Readings: Ortiz p. 189, Kingsolver p. 199, Chapter intro p. 222, Berry p. 222, Dodge p. 230, Charles, et al. p. 239.

9/27:  Complete Discussion 5

Complete one journal for your book (J9)

Complete one journal response for this week’s readings. (J10)



Week 6

9/29:  Readings: Bass p. 249, Carver p. 264-273, Kittredge p. 284, Sanders p. 290, Lopez p. 75. Appendix p. 520-529.

10/4:  Paper proposal for Literary Analysis paper due.

          Complete Discussion 6

Two journal responses due. (J11, J12)


Week 7

10/6:  Chapter intro p. 297, Williams 347, Chapter Intro p. 353 and 355, Baca p. 365. Watch Baca interview.


10/11: Thought Paper One for your first book is due.

          Complete Discussion 7

One journal entry due (J13)


Week 8

10/13: Use this week to complete your Literary Analysis paper.

10/18: Paper due to Smarthinking for tutoring

          Book Two assignment due





Week 9

10/20: Readings: Roszak p. 367, Chapter intro 402, Limbaugh 439,

           Stegner 442.

10/25: Literary Analysis Paper Due

           One journal entry due (J14)



Week 10

10/27: Readings: Chapter intro p. 450, Union p. 457, McKibben 464, Durning

11/1:  Complete Discussion 8

One journal entry for this week’s reading due. (J 15)

          One journal entry for Book Two due. (J 16)

Literature and culture project proposal due. Conferences as needed.



Week 11

11/3:  Reading: Jeffers p. 474, Carson p. 477, Awiakta p. 482, Anaya p. 486

11/8:  Complete Discussion 9

Two journal responses due. (J 17, J 18)


Week 12

11/10:          Reading: Bruchac p. 492, U.S. Bishops p. 498

11/15:          Complete Discussion 10

One journal entry for this week’s reading due. (J 19)

          One journal entry for Book Two due. (J 20)

Work on final project



Week 13

11/17:          Work on projects.

11/22:          Thought Paper Two due.


Week 14

11/24:          Happy Thanksgiving this week. Work on your final paper.

11/29: Submit final project to Smarthinking for tutoring.


Week 15

12/4:  Work on final project

12/6: Final project due.





English 223

Fall 2008



Choose one book from this list for supplemental book 1. You should have the book finished by 10/4.




Bass, Rick. Why I Came West, 2008.


Thoreau, Henry David. Walden. 1854


Ehrlich, Gretel. The Solace of Open Spaces. 1985


Lopez, Barry. Crossing Open Ground, 1988 or Arctic Dreams.


Muir, John. My First Summer in the Sierra. 1911.


Leopold,  Aldo. A Sand County Almanac, 1949.


Abbey, Edward. Desert Solitaire. 1968.




Choose one book from this list for supplemental book 2. You should have this book finished by 11/17.


McKibben, William. Deep Economy: the Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future, 2008 or The End of Nature. 1989.


Carson, Rachel. Silent Spring.


Hawken, Paul. Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, 2008.


Suzuki, David. The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature.


Tempest Williams, Terry. Red. 2005