EDUC 323

Teaching and Learning Education

Online Course

Fall 2009

Credits: 3



Instructor:  Becky Berg

Phone (406)794-2015

Email: Please use WebCampus email



Catalog Description:

Includes planning for learning-centered environments, preparing lesson plans, preparing a professional portfolio, and understanding the Nevada standards.

Prerequisite: EDU 250 and EDEL/EDSC 311

Co-requisite: EDEL/EDSC 313


Required Texts:


Wong, H. & Wong, R. (2005). How to be an effective teacher: The first days of school. Mountain View, CA: Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc.


LiveText web-based software (available for purchase at or at the GBC bookstore)


Book Study/Discussion: Later in the semester, you will select a book from a specified list provided by the instructor.  You will be required to check out one of these books from the library or purchase one of these books.


Additional Readings:  Additional readings will be expected throughout this course.  These will be distributed as needed during the semester.


Accommodations: GBC supports providing equal access for students with disabilities.  An advisor is available to discuss appropriate accommodations with students.  Please contact the ADA Officer (Julie Byrnes) in Elko at 775.753.2271 at your earliest convenience to request timely and appropriate accommodations.


Method of Instruction: This is an online class, therefore access to the Internet is required in order to fulfill requirements of this class.  You must take the WebCampus Orientation if you have not done so in the past.



Policy of Academic Integrity: Academic honesty is expected in this course.  All student work must be original and authentic.  Any acts of cheating, copying, and/or plagiarizing are violations of the Nevada System’s code of conduct and will be taken seriously.  Students who cheat, copy another’s work, or plagiarize from the Internet or other sources will fail the course regardless of other course work


 Learning Outcomes


Expected Learner Outcomes



Correlation to  INTASC Principles



1)  The student will learn to recognize, identify, and articulate the qualities of effective teachers and engaged learners.


Principle 4: Teaching Strategies


Principle 9: Reflective Practice



Discussion Board Postings




2)  Students will plan, create, implement, and reflect upon purposeful, high quality, standards-based lesson plans.

Principle 4: Teaching Strategies


Principle 7: Instructional Planning


Discussion Board Postings




3)  Students will demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of effective classroom management.   


Principle 5: Learning Environment


Discussion Board Postings




4)  Students will develop appropriate communication skills and techniques as a way to foster relationships with parents, colleagues, and students. 

Principle 6: Effective Communication


Principle 10: Partnerships


Discussion Board Postings





Your grade will be calculated by taking the Total Points earned by Total Points possible.


Weekly Assignments and Discussion Board Entries  

A variety of assignments (discussions, activities, written notes, etc.) will be required each week.  Information and explanation regarding each assignment will be provided in the weekly learning modules. Most weeks require postings and/or responses in the Discussion Board section of WebCampus.  Information for each posting will be provided in the WebCampus area. These entries are meant to make you think and reflect upon what you are reading, apply what you are reading, and make connections to your own experiences.  Except for Week 1, Discussion Board assignments are worth 30 pts.



Throughout the semester there will be projects that are considered critical to your application of the learning.  These will be more involved and in-depth creations with expectations of synthesis of course material.  You will know when something assigned is a project.  Specific information will be provided as the class progresses. 



Quizzes will be given periodically throughout the course.  



Assignments/Grading Procedures

§  Specific assignment details will come to you each week.

§  Content and mechanics will be considered as part of your grade for written assignments. I have very high standards for people who are becoming teachers.

§  Late assignments will NOT be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made.

§  Assignments will be graded and returned to students one week after the due date.

§  Assignments are due at 6:00 am on Wednesdays unless indicated otherwise.


Grades will be assigned as follows:

90% - 100%                A

80% -   89%                B

70% -   79%                C

60% -   69%                D

59% and below           F


An Incomplete (I) grade or a Withdrawal (W) will be used only as outlined in the course catalog. 




Miscellaneous Requirements:

·         Use proper grammar, mechanics, and conventions in ALL correspondence (including informal emails and discussion board postings).

·         Some assignments will be expected as an attachment; others will be required to be submitted directly in the submission box. 

·         IF the assignment is submitted as an attachment, the file should begin with your initials.  For example, I would save my assignment and submit it as an attachment with the file name becky_berg_unit3.

·         IF the assignment is submitted as an attachment, send only ONE attachment.  For example, your project may contain several components.  ALL of this should come to me as one attachment.  Even if you have several documents on your end, combine them for me. 



Pacing Guide for EDUC 323

Note: Subject to Change!






Chapter/Topic(s) Covered



Module 1

Sept. 2nd  – 9th  


Teacher Effectiveness

Wong Unit A Chapters 1 - 5


Module 2

Sept. 9th -16th


Reflective Decision Making


Module 3

Sept. 16th -23rd


Positive Expectations


Module 4

Sept. 23rd – 30th


Well Managed and Prepared


Module 5

Sept. 30th  - Oct. 7th


Unit C-Classroom Management: Introducing and Arranging Chap. 13 -14


Module 6

Oct. 7th – 14th


Unit C- Classroom Management Cont.—Chapters 15-20


Module 7

Oct. 14th – 21st


Student Engagement & Achievement


Module 8

Oct. 21st – 28th


Instructional Objectives


Module 9

Oct. 28th – Nov. 4th


Instructional Planning


Module 10

Nov. 4th – 11th


Effective Questioning


Module 11

Nov. 11th – 18th


Instructional Planning: Putting it All Together


Module 12

Nov. 18th – 25th


-Effective Communication

-Book Study/Discussion Due


Module 13

Nov. 25th – Dec. 9th (2 week module, Thanksgiving Break)  


-Achieving Success & Happiness

-Work on Final Project--  Summation


Module 14

Dec. 9th – 16th Finals Week


Final Exam & Final Project Due