Beginning Web Development

Internet Based

CIT 151

Section I 01

Term: Spring, 2006 (January - May)
Revision: 18 Ja 06
Credits: 3
Class Time: Special
You should set aside two or more definite times each week to do your work.
Instructor: Frank Daniels
Instructor e-mail address: You need to know this!
Frank Daniels
Great Basin College Ely Branch Campus
2115 Bobcat Drive
Ely, NV 89301
(775) 289-3589 (office)
(775) 289-3599 (college fax)

Textbook: online + optional. Each week, instructions for that week's material and that week's assignment will be posted. Additionally, students may choose to purchase the following book:
Using HTML4, XML, and Java1.2, Platinum Edition, by Eric Ladd, Jim O'Donnell, et al.. Published by Que Corporation. ISBN: 0-7897-1759-X.

This book may be ordered through your outlet of choice (e.g., or through MBS Direct at this location.

Class Conditions:

  1. You must be using a Windows 95 or higher system.
  2. You must have your own access to the Internet through a commercial provider.
  3. You must have the access software installed and working. This class does not teach how to set up the access software.
  4. You must have an Internet user (or login) name if you are using the GBC computer labs.
  5. You must have a Web browser and e-mail. The class assumes you are using Netscape version 7.2 or 8.0, but Internet Explorer 6 or higher is acceptable. Netscape 6 may experience problems during the last five weeks of the course. JavaScript must be "enabled" on your browser (this is the default). You need an e-mail account somewhere to send and receive feedback. The class assumes that you know how to properly use e-mail and your browser.
  6. Some form of text editor is required. It is URGED that you use WordPad, a simple text editor that comes with Windows. Do not use more complex text editors that may add to your code.
  7. DO NOT use any sort of HTML editor, such as FrontPage or Netscape Composer. These can make your work more difficult, especially with the advanced applications. The preferred editor is WordPad, which comes free and installed with every copy of Windows. The course teaches the actual language(s) used in creating web pages, but knowledge of those languages beforehand is not required.
  8. You must have space for your web pages and that you know how to upload files to this space. Companies such as Tripod, Fortunecity, 0Catch, and others provide free space. Some code (particularly "embedded ads") on certain companies' pages interferes with certain of our later lessons.

Class Description:

The course starts with the basics of the HyperText Markup Language and continues upward, covering such topics as titles, headlines, paragraphs, font styles, special characters, links to other documents, links within the same document, unordered and ordered lists, definition lists, backgrounds, images, tables, frames, and basic forms. In addition, an introduction to Scripting Languages will follow, including how to create "smart forms" using JavaScript. New assignments will be posted each week, due the following week. Some of the assignments will involve downloading files from various sites.

This course is NOT "self-paced". It is considerably difficult later on, but if you succeed in keeping up and ask questions about material that you do not understand, you will succeed. Remember that you have a "live" instructor who will answer your questions -- this is not a correspondence course.

Here is the course schedule. If you get behind it may prove difficult to catch up.

Week Assignment Covered
January 23 - 27 Lesson 1
January 30 - February 3 Lesson 2
February 6 - 10 Lesson 3
February 13 - 17 Lesson 4
February 20 - 24 Lesson 5
February 27 - March 3 Lesson 6
March 6 - 10 Lesson 7
March 13 - 17 Lesson 8
March 20 - 24 Lesson 9
March 27 - 31 Lesson 10
April 3 - 7 Lesson 11
April 10 - 14 Lesson 12
April 17 - 21 Lesson 13
April 24 - 28 Lesson 14
May 1 - 5 Lesson 15

Each lesson is due at 5PM Pacific Time on the Sunday following the date when they first appear (as indicated in the above table). The course ends at 5PM PT on May 8th, 2006.

NOTE: The Great Basin College Spring Break takes place during the last full week of March. This class ignores holidays. A lesson will be posted the Monday of that week. Your Internet access should not be from a provider that will restrict your access during that week or at any other time. Lessons are normally posted on Mondays.

Check your lessons to be sure they are complete before e-mailing your instructor. When you complete a lesson, or if you have a question about an assignment, post that lesson to your web space, then e-mail me. I will let you know what changes to make (if any), and ideally, you will become better at noticing what corrections need to be made as time passes. Sometimes, there may be several stages of corrections to be made: spotting one mistake may reveal another! Once you have completed an assignment, you will be instructed to continue to the next available assignment. Do not submit an assignment until the previous assignment has been completed.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, each student should be able to create your own pages for the World Wide Web, using the vast majority of commonly used tags. You will write script enabling you to process forms with JavaScript. The optional textbook will provide even more information, including Java applet programming, which you may want to use if you choose to become a web designer.

Learning Outcomes:

The successful student will be able to compose web pages from scratch, including the following elements:

Skill with these will be assessed each week through assignments.

Instructional Methods:

The class will be taught using lessons posted to the course's website. New tags and more complicated structures will be taught each week. Students are encouraged to explore their use beyond what the assignments require. Class assignments will be given using these new commands and concepts. Grades will be based on the successful and timely completion of the assignments. Late lessons will be docked points.

NOTE: Some lectures occupy more than one "page" online.


The class is graded on participation and the various assignments. The fifteen assignments are worth 10 points per assignment. Each assignment must be judged complete and must be done in a timely fashion. If you succeed in getting each assignment complete on time, you will be awarded all ten points for the assignment(s).
Do not go ahead to the next assignment until your previous assignment has been called "done." The total number of points available for the semester is 150 points. The number of points required to obtain each grade is as follows:

A 135
B+ 127
B 120
C+ 112
C 105
D+ 97
D 90
F 0

Academic Integrity:

The Nevada System of Higher Education expressly forbids all forms of academic dishonesty, including (but not limited to) all forms of cheating, copying, and plagiarism. Students who are discovered cheating will be assigned zero points for the current assignment. If the cheating is believed to be widespread -- to involve other students and/or to cover more than one assignment or test -- then all students involved will receive "F" grades for the course and will be brought to the GBC Academic Officers for prosecution. I will normally recommend that students found guilty in that instance be placed on one year disciplinary probation.

Starting from scratch:

This class covers the Internet and is accessed from the Internet. Therefore, there has to be contact between us quickly. Send me an e-mail message (via the address above) telling me you are ready to begin, and you need to do this by January 27th, 2006. If you need to find some help to get started, you may always e-mail, or phone me at the college building.

If you have problems using WebCT, call Pat Phillips at (775) 753-3511, or e-mail the Tech Desk. Near the beginning of the semester, there is normally a WebCT orientation at your local site that you may participate in.

Getting started:

  1. Have your Internet access installed and ready. Know your user name.
  2. E-mail your instructor directly -- NOT through WebCT -- by January 27th. We will make e-mail contact every week.
  3. Become acquainted with the WebCT environment.
  4. Retrieve your lessons, which will be posted as web pages (you may access them through the WebCT calendar).
  5. As you finish each assignment, e-mail me, telling me that you have completed it (and where to find it). EACH TIME, give me the complete URL of each page that you want me to examine. If you have no web space available at the start of the course, you must quickly obtain an account from an organization (such as Tripod or 0Catch) -- if you do not already have space available to you -- so that you will have a place to put (and see!) your pages.
Good luck!

All lessons are 1997, 2006 Frank Daniels
and are licensed to Great Basin College