CIT 152 
Web Script Language Development

Catalog Description:
CIT 152 Web Script Language Programming (3) A continuation of Beginning Web Development. This programming class creates interactive web pages using technologies such as Javascript, VBScript, Java, and ASP. Prerequisite: CIT 151. [N]

Course Description:
     Interactive web pages will be built using JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Work will be done validating and processing forms, session variables and cookies, page counters and text files. Connections to SQL databases will be set up..

Course Objectives:
 At the end of the course, each student should be able to:

The above objectives will be measured using a combination of:

  1. Display working web pages on the college server.
  2. Build interactive web pages to solve specific goals/problems.
  3. Develop and build interactive web pages, working as an effective group.
  4. Come up with a need, develop and build entire web sites as an individual.

 Group Project:
 Twice during the semester, small groups of students will create web pages as a project. All students in each group will get the same grade. Team members will rate their fellow members. It is possible that this might result in a lowered grade for individual members.

Individual Project:
The main class project is due on May 15. This project replaces a final test and counts for a significant portion of your grade. It is a comprehensive set of web pages showing what you have learned during the course. Hopefully, the pages will be composed of material useful to you in real life. More information on the requirements of the project will be presented after the midterm. It will be demonstrated to the class.

Class and Instructor Information:

Spring 2006

Revision date: Nov. 21, 2005

Credits: 3

Instructor: Larry Hyslop

Office: High Tech Center- 132

Office hours: T,Th 10-11:30, MW 1-2

Great Basin College

1500 College Pkwy.

Elko, NV 89801

Phone: 775-753-2305 (office) 

753-8095 (home, before 7pm) 

753-2160 (college fax)


Note: I check my email M-F only.






This is a full semester class requiring considerable time spent on the computer each and every of the 15 weeks. If you are not prepared to work this schedule, do not continue with this class.
Instructional Methods:
The class will be taught using explanations and demonstrations of new commands and concepts. Following this, assignments will be given using these new commands and concepts. Most of the class time will be spent on the computer.
This class requires regular attendance. Classes can be missed, however, as long as the assignments are completed by the first class period the student returns. 
The assignments will consist of exercises from the instructor, from the Internet and the textbook. Each assignment will be graded on a points system. The assignments can be completed on your own time, and will require substantial time spent in the computer lab to complete.
All assignments are due at the beginning of the next class period, unless stated otherwise. Any assignment not handed in will be recorded as zero points. Each week an assignment is late results in 5 points taken away from the graded score. Students should keep all returned assignments until they have seen cumulative grades.
Other than the project, no assignments will be accepted after May 12.

Cumulative grades will be determined as follows:
 100-98 A+
  97-93 A
  92-90 A-    Worth:
  89-88 B+           Assignments: 65%
  87-83 B         Group Projects: 20%
  82-80 B-        Indivual Project: 15%
  79-78 C+
  77-73 C
  72-70 C-
  69-68 D+
  67-63 D
  62-60 D-
  <60   F

A. Cumulative grades will use + and -.
B. Some times, and for very good reasons, a student is not able to finish a class, and needs to withdraw from the class.
  1. Through week 12:
     a. A grade of W (withdrawn) will be recorded for anyone who formally withdraws by meeting with the instructor and
        filling out a withdraw form.
     b. A grade of F will be recorded for anyone who simply does not come to class any more.
     c. It is important to realize that for any one withdrawing  from the class, the difference between earning an F and a
        W on the official class recording is the process of meeting with the instructor.
  2. After week 12:
a.       a. Anyone withdrawing will receive a grade based on all semester assignments, including those missed.
C. Extra credit may be earned if your grade is currently a D or below.
D. Before doing anything regarding this class, please consult with me. It is my job to assist you in making class decisions.
During the class, your completed work may be displayed for the benefit of the entire class. If this bothers you, please notify me in writing during the first week of class.
Study Tips:
Be prepared to spend the time needed on the computer. Do not allow yourself to get behind. If something is not understood, find time to meet with your instructor. Use the text book as a resource.