CIT 263 VBA Programming for Microsoft Office
Students need to read the Special Notes and How Do I Survive this Online Class.



Textbook: Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications by Zak.


Vital Questions

When do I work on this class?

Although you can work on this class 24/7,  this is not a self-paced class. Weekly lessons will be printed by the students, but each lesson may be worked on at any time during the week.

When does the class begin? This class is taught through the Internet and begins on Jan. 23. Any students who has not contacted the instructor by e-mail message or phone call by Jan. 26 may be dropped from the class. The e-mail message need only say the student is ready to begin.
When are assignments due? Check the class calendar for due dates.

Assignments are due at 8am on the day specified in the class calendar. Since in an online class, assignments can be turned in any hour of the day or night, it is necessary to have a time due. Assignments arriving in messages that were posted at 8:30 am will be considered late. The moral of this is finish up the assignment and turn it in the day before it is due.

What if I am absent?

This class is intensive and requires attendance and work completed each week. Anyone not in communication with me for any two week period (without prior approval) will have an F grade recorded as the final class grade. The worst part of an online class is procrastination!!!

Where are the tests?

The traditional class tests are replaced with projects. The midterm project will be worked on by a small group of students. The final project will be an individual effort.

What is this individual project? You will be expected to build a working workbook designed to solve a specific problem. it will be worth more than other assignments. It will be due on May. 15. More information will be given out half way through the semester.
Can I do extra credit to improve my grade? Yes, if your average is below a C and if you have turned in all assignments. It does no good to do extra credit if you are not turning in regular assignments.
Can I turn in late assignments? Yes. Each week an assignment is late, its worth drops 5 points. Since most assignments are worth 20 points, this means after 3 weeks late, the assignment won't be worth enough to bother turning in. The late assignment is graded and the result reduced the 5, 10 or 15 points. Any last, late assignments must be turned in no later than May 12.
What version of Office is covered in this class?

This class covers Microsoft Office 2002 (also called Office XP).

What should I know as I begin this class?

This is a second course in Programming and in MS Office. Students should have already worked with programming and with MS Office.


Catalog Description:

CIT 263 VBA Programming for Microsoft Office (3)  The next logical step in Visual Basic programming and involves programming inside the production software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. This is probably the most common type of programming in today’s work world. The programming creates more interactivity in the office software. Prerequisites: CIT 132, CIT 202, CIT 203, or instructor’s approval. [N]

Course Description:


Visual Basic is being used more and more inside office applications, to enhance and customize documents. This course will use Visual Basic, learned in CIT 132, and apply its use inside MS Office product.


Course Objectives:

The Visual Basic Editor and The Object Model

The above goals will be measured using a combination of:

  1. Turn in working VBA programs showing understanding of the principles used to solve the problem.
  2. Develop and build working VBA programs as a group.
  3. Come up with a need, develop and build working VBA program as an individual.


Spring 2006

Revision date: Nov. 21, 2005

Credits: 3

Instructor: Larry Hyslop

Office: High Tech Center- 132

Office hours: M-W, F 10-11 am

Great Basin College

1500 College Pkwy.

Elko, NV 89801

Phone: 775-753-2305 (office) 

753-8095 (home, before 7pm) 

775-753-2160 (college fax)

Email (outside of WebCT):

Note: I check my email M-F only.












The student responsibilities:


Instructional Methods:

The class will be taught by introducing a new skill or concept. The student practices on the computer by going through a tutorial in the book. Assignments are completed and turned in.



The assignments will consist of exercises from the instructor and/or the book. Each assignment will be graded on a points system. The assignments can be completed on your own time, and will require substantial time spent in the computer lab to complete. Team assignments will require two students to work together in completing a task.

Check the Webct calendar for due dates. All assignments are due no later than the date listed. In case of absences, arrangements must be made with the instructor. Late assignments will be graded, and then reduced 5 points for each week late. Any assignment not handed in will be recorded as 0 points. Students should keep all messages regarding returned assignments until the grades have been shown on Webct.


Grades are not automatically displayed on Webct. Periodically, I will upload the grades and average grade to Webct and tell the class they are available.

Each student must complete his/her assignments, individually. If two or more students turn in the same hard copy assignment or collaborate on a test, punitive measures as described in the Rules and Disciplinary Procedures for Members of the University Community will be enforced. See the General Catalog, P. 115, Section 6.3.

Cumulative grades will be determined as follows:

 100-98 A+
  97-93 A
  92-90 A-    Worth:
  89-88 B+    Assignments: 65%
  87-83 B         Group Projects: 15%
  82-80 B-        Individual Project: 20%
  79-78 C+
  77-73 C
  72-70 C-
  69-68 D+
  67-63 D
  62-60 D-
  <60   F

Some times during the class, your completed assignments may be displayed for the benefit of the entire class. If this bothers you, please notify me in writing during the first week of class.
Special Needs:

Any student with a disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations is requested to speak either with me or with the College Counselor, as soon as possible to arrange for appropriate accommodations.



A main set of student files will be downloaded from the Internet. Instructions will be part of lesson 1.Any additional files will be sent to students attached to email messages.


This is a full semester class requiring considerable time spent on the computer each and every of the 16 weeks. You must be prepared to make this commitment.

Getting started: