COT 101 - Computer Keyboarding
Spring 2006, 3 credits - Self Paced

Online Class Syllabus

Enrollment opened from January 21st to March 21st

All assignments have to be turned in by May 17th by Midnight

Final has to be taken by May 18th at 5:00 pm

Please read completely through this syllabus and print it for future reference. 


Trudy Burt


Contact me by email through WebCT classroom.





Keyboarding and Word Processing, Vanhuss, Forde, Woo 2002 or 2003 edition

ISBN# 0-538-72610-5 (with Keyboarding Pro software)

The textbook can be purchased with a credit card at the online Follett bookstore,  by calling the Great Basin College Elko campus bookstore at 775/753-2270; or through the book's publisher, South-Western

Student Responsibilities:

  • Be able to access the class website through WebCT.
  • Have and maintain Internet access throughout the semester.
  • Have and maintain access to all software used in the class throughout the semester.
  • Have and maintain a virus-free computer throughout the semester.
  • Have knowledge of Windows and file handling.

An important note about online classes:

  • Do not assume that online classes are easier than traditional "face-to-face" classes.
  • Online classes can actually be more difficult than traditional classes.
  • They require constant motivation and self-direction on the part of the student.
  • You are responsible for reading, studying, asking questions, completing assignments, being organized, and staying on schedule.


Keyboarding is a skill needed by all students regardless of career interest or academic ability.  Keyboarding skills will increase the effective use of the computer. To use the computer effectively, the skills to access the computer must be learned.

This is a self paced class and you may "work ahead." You can complete the Assignments, upload them to the corresponding area in the Assignment Dropbox,  All assignments have to be turned in by May 17th by Midnight.  Final has to be taken by May 18th at 5:00 pm

Great Basin College Catalog Course Description:

§         Develops basic skills for touch keyboarding/typing proficiency on computers.

§         Develops basic speed and accuracy.

§         Introduces basic computer operations for using keyboarding software


Course Objectives: 

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

ü     Type at a speed of at least 30 words per minute on a three-minute timed writing

ü     Know where the letters, numbers and symbols are on the keyboard

ü     Know beginning typing “rules” and be able to take a timed writing

ü     Develop skills necessary to become proficient in keyboarding.

ü     Through teacher-controlled drills, students will develop proficient keyboarding skills.


Learner Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this course, the students will be able to:

ü     Use a computer system, proper techniques to key numeric/text data, and use of the touch method.

ü     Type with more speed and accuracy. Goal rate: 30 words per minute for one minute with no more than 1 uncorrected error.

ü     Compose by touch at the keyboard.

ü     Interpret proofreader’s marks.

ü      Proofread for content errors.

ü     Use software to create, save, and print


Methods of Instruction: 

P    E-mail communications through WebCT

P    Keyboarding drills

P    Timed writings 

P    Every assignment and Exam is done online.  Students are NOT expected to come to the campus at any time.


Student Computer Lab Use: 

The GBC computer labs are provided as a service to students.  Use of the computer lab is a privilege, not a right.  Users must refrain from doing anything that annoys others or disrupts their education.  The computer lab cannot be used for non-college work.  If you notice anyone violating the policy of the computer lab, notify one of the lab assistants or a faculty member immediately. 


Keyboarding Speed: 

There will be eight Timed writings will be given throughout the class. When you have completed the Midterm and  Final a timed writing will be given for your speed grade.  The score on the best timed writing for the Final will be worth 25% of the total grade.  Keyboarding speeds for a three-minute timed writing with three errors or less will result in the following: 

All Timed Writing must be saved as a kos file type and sent through the Assignment Drop Box.

            Check under Course Materials for more information.

30+ wpm =                  100%

25-29 wpm =               85%

20-24 wpm =               75%

Less than 20 wpm =     65%


 Midterm Exam   

 25% of grade

 Final Exam  

 25% of grade

Daily Work/Speed Check

25% of grade

Keyboarding Speed  

 25% of grade







To determine the final course grade, the grades for all the assignments will be calculated on a percentage scale in the breakdown given in the table above, and then recorded as the corresponding letter grade as shown below:

          Percentage     Letter Grade

94-100               A
90-93                 A-
87-89                 B+
83-86                 B
80-82                 B-
77-79                 C+
73-76                 C
70-72                 C-
67-69                 D+
63-66                 D
60-62                 D-
<60                   F

Withdraw           W


Every Assignment students are responsible for...

·         Reading and completing each assignment

·         Reading and working through the text

·         Doing specified assignments that you will send in through the Assignment Dropbox (there's detailed information about the Assignment Dropbox a few paragraphs below)

o        All course work must be completed and sent in to me through the Assignment Dropbox.

o        Assignments may include Lesson Drills, Skillbuilding and using Keyboarding Pro software to do timed writings.

o        It's my intention to have your assignments graded and back to you in the Assignment Dropbox within a week after they are turned in.

·         Checking the Class Email on the Navigation menu on the left-hand side of the WebCT window

·         Asking questions when things don't make sense: ask me or other students through WebCT email or bulletin board.

The worst part of an online class is procrastination!!!


About the Assignment Dropbox

The Assignment Dropbox link is available either on the left-hand side of the WebCT window,

·         On the Assignment Dropbox page, there will be a link that corresponds to each textbook assignment that you'll need to turn in. Click on that assignment link, and then follow the instructions on screen to upload from your computer the corresponding assignment that you've completed.

·         Assignment links in the Assignment Dropbox are available through May 17th.

·         Your graded assignments in the Assignment Dropbox will have brief comments from me in the Comments area with each attached graded assignment.

·         When instructions in the book direct you to print your work, that is optional, and only for your benefit, because the textbook-based work I get from you will be the computer files you create and send through the Assignment Dropbox.

If, for some reason, you feel that you cannot complete the course, you must officially withdraw from the class by the course drop deadline. This is done by contacting GBC Admissions & Records at 775-753-2102 and completing the Course Withdraw Form. Officially withdrawing results in a "W" on your grade report. The "W" is not used in computing your cumulative GPA; it will appear on your transcript and be permanent.

If you do not officially withdraw, your grade will be based on the work you have completed averaged with zeros for work you have not completed.

Academic Integrity:

All assignments are to be completed on an individual basis. That means you each do your own work. If two (or more) students turn in work that has been done by only one person, each student involved earns a zero (0) for the assignment(s). If it happens a second time, each student involved will be dropped from the class.


Additional Notes:

·         Don't let yourself get behind! If you are confused about a particular concept, let me know immediately.

·         You are enrolled in this course to learn and I'm available online, by phone, or in person (except on weekends and holidays) to facilitate your learning.

If you have...

·         enrolled for this class through GBC's Admissions & Records

·         received your user name and password from the Technology Help Desk

·         gotten your textbook

·         read through this syllabus

You are ready to start the class!

 Thoroughly explore the WebCT classroom, and be sure to let me know if you have any questions.