COT 151-Introduction to Microsoft Word
using Microsoft Word 2002
Spring  2006 - 3 credits - Online Class Syllabus


Please read completely through this syllabus.

You should print this document for easy future reference.


Instructor:         Trudy Burt          

Telephone:        778-0870 ( between 5 pm and 9 pm)

Email:               Through WebCT






Student Responsibilities:

        Have and maintain a virus-free computer throughout the semester.



An introduction to Microsoft Word, a word processing software; including learning the following features: ruler; toolbars; dialog boxes; cut, copy, and paste; autocorrect; spell check; template documents; columns; outlines; merge; clip art; graphics; text art; and tables. Prerequisite: COT 101 or 30 words per minute keyboarding skill.

Course Performance Objectives


Attendance and Assignments

Learning in this class will involve...

You will also do and send in Unit Performance Assessments (PAs) after completion of Unit One, Unit Two, and parts of Unit Three.

The Assignment Dropbox link is available at the left-hand side of the WebCT window.

On the Assignment Dropbox page, there will be a link that corresponds to each textbook assignment that you'll need to turn in (which is described in each week's Weekly Assignment page). Click on that assignment link, and then follow the instructions on screen to upload from your computer the corresponding assignment that you've completed.

Assignment links are available only during the week that they are assigned. Once an assignment's due date and time has passed, the link will no longer be available. If you've arranged to send in an assignment late (being sure to arrange this before the assignment due date) you will send it in as an attachment to a WebCT email message.

Every week...

         Each student must read and post a reply to the current Discussion Board Topic. Get to the Bulletin Board the left-hand-side menu. When posting a reply, be sure to use the Reply or Quote button, not the Reply Privately button, so everyone in the class can read comments from all students. A new discussion topic will be posted each Tuesday.   Check how the Discussions are graded under Course Materials Discussion Topic Rubric Grading.

         Students must check:

o        the Assignments link (accessed through the class homepage)

o        the Class E-mail (on the Navigation menu on the left-hand side of the WebCT window)

o        the Quizzes link (under the Quiz link on the homepage or through the Navigation menu on the left-hand side of the WebCT window) Quizzes are timed.

         All Weekly Assignment course work must be completed and sent in to me through the Assignment Dropbox by midnight on the due date. New assignments are posted on Mondays (under the Assignments link on the class homepage), and will be due the following Sunday at midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

         It's my intention to have your assignments graded and back in the Assignment Dropbox by the Friday after the Sunday that they're due. Sometimes you'll get them back earlier than that, sometimes later, but always after the due date. If it's going to be later than Friday I'll let you know email.

         Your graded assignments in the Assignment Dropbox will have brief comments from me in the Comments area with each attached graded assignment. You should open each graded assignment to see more detailed comments.

Some FYIs...

         When instructions in the book direct you to print your work, that is optional, and only for your benefit, because the textbook-based work I get from you will be the computer files you create and send through the Assignment Dropbox.

         As the class progresses, you can check your progress at the My Grades link. Get to this link from the class website homepage.

         If, for some reason, you feel that you cannot complete the course, you must officially withdraw from the class by the course drop deadline. This is done by contacting GBC Admissions & Records at 775-753-2102 and completing the Course Withdraw Form. Officially withdrawing results in a "W" on your grade report. The "W" is not used in computing your cumulative GPA; it will appear on your transcript and be permanent.

         If you do not officially withdraw, your grade will be based on the work you have completed averaged with zeros for work you have not completed.



Grading in this course is based upon the following:


Bulletin Board Discussion  (postings should reflect thought & insight)


Online Quizzes


Weekly Chapter Assignments


Unit 1 Performance Assessments


Unit 2 Performance Assessments


Unit 3 Performance Assessments



Students' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about assignments and grading...

When and how often can I turn in an assignment?

How many points are assignments worth?

P    Bulletin board postings are worth 100 points each.

P    Each end-of-chapter assignments are worth 100 points. Points deducted for errors will vary depending on what work is required for each assignment. Point deductions are explained in the Assignment Dropbox comments area with each graded assignment, and each graded assignment document will have comments typed in it.

P    Each set of Unit Performance Assessments (PAs) is worth 100 points. Points deducted for errors will vary depending on what work is required for the set of PAs. Point deductions are explained in the Assignment Dropbox comments area with the graded PAs, and each graded PA document will have comments typed in it.

P    Point values for individual quiz questions and quiz totals will vary depending on how many questions there are per quiz. No quiz is worth more than 100 points.

P    WebCT's Quiz feature automatically grades your quiz answers. This automatic grading is often incorrect because it is very picky about things like capitalization, spacing, exact words, etc. Therefore, I always review every one of your quizzes answer by answer, and make sure you earn appropriate credit for your answers. So, don't panic if WebCT comes up with some dreadful grade for a quiz--check your quiz grade after a couple of days, and you'll probably see an improvement in the grade once I've had a chance to look it over.

P    Students are responsible for keeping track of assignments turned in and grades earned.

How to name your assignments and file names?

When doing end-of-chapter assignments and PAs to turn in, type your name at the top of or somewhere near the beginning of each assignment, also - this is very important, and failure to put your name on your assignments will deduct 15 points from your assignment grade. The reason behind this is that I receive the same assignments from each student in an online class.

When do I get my graded assignments back?

P    Your assignments are going to be due Sunday by midnight, and I plan to have them back to you, graded and in the Assignment Dropbox, by the next Sunday. Sometimes you'll get them back earlier than that, sometimes later, but work is always graded after the due date. New assignments are posted on Sunday. To determine the final course grade, the grades for the assignments will be calculated on a percentage scale and then recorded as the corresponding letter grade as shown below:


Percentage     Letter Grade

Percentage     Letter Grade

94-100               A
90-93                 A-
87-89                 B+
83-86                 B
80-82                 B-
77-79                 C+

73-76                 C
70-72                 C-
67-69                 D+
63-66                 D
60-62                 D-
<60                   F Withdraw           W



  1. Make sure you have a Student CD in the back of your textbook--you will use files on this CD for your assignments throughout the book (or, you can download the Student Data Files from the textbook website).
  2. Before beginning Unit One, be sure to read the "Introduction" at the front of the book on pages vii, viii, and ix. This introduction gives you an overview of the book's layout and logic, which helps in working through all the information presented.
  3. Information about becoming certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS certification) is provided on page x. GBC is an authorized MOS testing center if this is something you'd like to do upon completion of this class.
  4. If you'd like a refresher about computer hardware and working in the Windows format with Word, the "Getting Started" section on pages xi-xxiii is informative.



All assignments are to be completed on an individual basis. That means you each do your own work. Period. If two (or more) students turn in work that has been done by only one person, each student involved earns a zero (0) for the assignment(s). If it happens a second time, each student involved will be dropped from the class.