IS 201 - Computer Applications using Microsoft Office XP

Spring  2006, 3 credits

This is not a self-paced class.


Cindy Hyslop


Use my WebCT email.


High Tech Center - Room 128 775-753-2307(voice mail)



New Perspectives on Microsoft Office XP 1st Course, Windows XP Edition
Ann Shaffer, Patrick Carey, Kathy Finnegan
ISBN: 0-619-18594-5 2003  - Publish date:
February 28, 2003 - 1032 pages

The textbook can be purchased with a credit card at the online Follett bookstore,  by calling the Great Basin College Elko campus bookstore at 775/753-2270; or through the book's publisher, Thomson * Course Technology; or through many other online book sellers.



For this class you need to have access to four applications in the Microsoft Office XP Professional software suite (specifically Word 2002, Excel 2002, Access 2002, and PowerPoint 2002). This software is available for students to use in GBC campus computer labs; you can also purchase the software at an academic discount through the Follett bookstore on the Elko campus (775/753-2270), or you can purchase through other means such as a retail store or another online store.

Student Responsibilities:


Be able to access the class website through WebCT. Contact the Technology Help Desk 753-3511 if you do not yet have your user name and password.

     Have and maintain Internet access throughout the semester.

     Have and maintain all software used in the class throughout the semester.

     Have and maintain a virus-free computer throughout the semester.

     Have knowledge of Windows and file handling.


An important note about online classes:


     Do not assume that online classes are easier than traditional "face-to-face" classes.

     Online classes can actually be more difficult than traditional classes. They require constant motivation and self-direction on the part of the student.

     You are responsible for reading, studying, asking questions, completing assignments, being organized, and staying on schedule.



Online Syllabus:

Data files download:

Mous Web Page:


An introduction to the most commonly used microcomputer business software with emphasis on operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, database management, presentation software, and software integration. Substantial hands-on work provides practical experience using this software. Recommended corequisite: IS 101


Upon successful completion of this class, students will be able to...

                  STUDENT GRADING

Grading in this course is based upon the following:
 Discussions Board


Weekly Assignments


Integration Tutorial #1 (Integrating Word and Excel)


Integration Tutorial #2 (Integrating Word, Excel, & Access)


Integration Tutorial #3 (Integrating Word, Excel, Access, & PowerPoint)


Quizzes Word Excel Access - PowerPoint


To determine the final course grade, the grades for the assignments will be calculated on a percentage

scale and then recorded as the corresponding letter grade as shown below:

Percentage     Letter Grade

94-100               A
90-93                 A-
87-89                 B+
83-86                 B
80-82                 B-
77-79                 C+
73-76                 C
70-72                 C-
67-69                 D+
63-66                 D
60-62                 D-
<60                    F

Withdraw           W