Chapter/Topic(s) Covered


Module 1

Jan. 28th Feb. 4th

Chapter 1: Creating, Printing, and Editing Documents


Module 2

Feb. 4th 11th

Chapter 2: Formatting Characters


Module 3

Feb. 11th -18th

Chapter 3: Aligning and Indenting Paragraphs


Module 4

Feb. 18th -25th

Chapter 4: Customizing Paragraphs

Module 5

Feb. 25th Mar. 4th

Chapter 5: Proofing Documents

Module 6

Mar. 4th 11th

Unit 1 Performance Assessments


Module 7

Mar. 11th 18th

Chapter 6: Formatting Pages


Module 8

Mar. 18th 25th

Chapter 7: Customizing Page Formatting

Module 9

April 1st 8th

Chapter 8: Inserting Elements and Navigating in a Document

Module 10

April 8th 15th

Chapter 9:  Maintaining Documents

Chapter 10: Managing and Printing Documents

Module 11

April 15th 22nd

Unit 2 Performance Assessments

Module 12

Apr. 22nd 29th

Chapter 11: Inserting Images

Module 13

Apr. 29th May 6

Chapter 12: Inserting Shapes and WordArt

Module 14

May 6th  - 13th

Chapter 13: Creating Tables

Chapter 14: Enhancing Tables

Module 15

May 13th 20th  Finals Week

Final Exam