Math 116 Interactive Video 10943
                                                         Fall 2010 Syllabus
                                                     Great Basin College

      Instructor: Gerry Pennington  
      Class meetings: Monday and Wednesday 11:00am -12:15pm  LUND 114
      Prerequisite:  Math 095 or placement into Math 096 or Math 116
      Textbook:(Technical Mathematics 5th Edition, Smith & Peterson)                                                           

Course Description and Objectives:

Technical mathematics is an applications course related to the work environment.

The material covered will include fractions, percents, algebraic concepts, geometry, units

of measure, ratios, graphs, angular measure, trigonometry, circles, and volumes.

The primary objective of this course is for students to understand and be able to solve

problems in a shop or laboratory environment.

Expected Course Outcomes (objectives)

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

1. Work with decimals and understand the difference between exact and approximate


2. Comprehend the fundamental concepts of measurement units.

3. Recognize and resolve practical problems involving ratios and proportions.

4. Apply basic mathematics to problem solving.

5. Determine the area and perimeter of simple geometric shapes.

6. Determine surface area and volume of simple three-dimensional objects.

7. Determine the parameters of right triangles using trigonometry.


Frequent exams will be given to measure student retention of the text material and lectures.

Suggested homework problems will be used to gauge problem solving skills with an emphasis on word problems.

Vocal participation will be encouraged to insure students can describe math problems in their own words.


A suggested list of homework problems and study sections will be offered and will

constitute 20% of the course grade.Home work must be turned in on the due date.

Services for Students with Disabilities: 
Great Basin College is committed to providing equal educational
opportunities to qualified students with disabilities in accordance
with state and federal laws and regulations, including the
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973. A qualified student must furnish
current verification of disability. The Students with Disabilities
Office, located in Berg Hall, will assist qualified students with
disabilities in securing the appropriate and reasonable
accommodations, auxiliary aids, and services. For more
information or further assistance, please call 775.753.2271.


There will be four exams

Calculators will be permitted and the exams will be cumulative, i.e., all previous



All exams will be worth 20 points and 20 points for the homework, total 100 points. 

90-100%=A 80-89%=B 70-79%=C 60-69%=D <60% F

Policy of Academic Integrity:
The NSHE Code (Board of Regents Handbook 6.2.2q) expressly
forbids all acts of academic dishonesty, including but not limited to “cheating, plagiarism,
falsifying research data or results, or assisting others to do the same”. Academic honesty is
expected in this course. All student work must be original and authentic. Any acts of cheating,
copying, and/or plagiarizing are violations of the NSHE code of conduct and will be taken
seriously. Students who cheat, copy another’s work, or plagiarize from the Internet or other
sources will fail the course regardless of other course work and are subject to dismissal.


Attendance will be taken and it will be your responsibility to make up any missed material.


If you have trouble with the material, please contact me or visit the Academic Success

Center in Room 113 of the EIT building. I will be available by appointment. I will also be available

in the Adjunct Faculty Lounge MCML prior to the class meeting 10am. Mon and Wed.

The instructor reserves the right to change certain aspects of the course syllabus,

such as grading or scheduling, however no changes will be made without class notification.

                                 10943: Math 116,  Fall 2010

                               Tentative Class Schedule

Mon 8/30 Introduction Units 1 & 2                                    Mon 10/18 Unit 20 
Wed 9/1 Units 3 & 4                                                           Wed 10/20 Unit 21 

Mon 9/6 HOLIDAY                                                               Mon 10/25 Unit 22
Wed 9/8 Units 5&6                                                              Wed 10/27 Unit 23

Mon 9/13 Units 7 & 8                                                          Mon 11/1 Unit 24
Wed 9/15 Units 9,10, & 11                                                 Wed 11/3 Unit 25

Mon 9/20 Unit 12                                                                 Mon 11/8 Unit 26
Wed 9/22 Unit 13                                                                Wed 11/10 Unit 27

Mon 9/27 Unit 14                                                                 Mon 11/15 Unit 28 
Wed 9/29 Unit 15                                                                Wed 11/17 Unit 29

Mon 10/4 Unit 16                                                                 Mon 11/22 Unit 30
Wed 10/6 Unit 17                                                                 Wed 11/24 Unit 31

Mon 10/11 Unit 18                                                               Mon 11/29 Unit 32 
Wed 10/13 Unit 19                                                               Wed 12/1 Unit 33 
                                                                                               Mon 12/6 Unit 34 
                                                                                               Wed 12/8 Unit 35  
                                                                                               Mon 12/13 REVIEW
                                                                                               Mon 12/15 FINAL