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WebCampus provides a Calendar relevant to your online courses. Instructors can include important entries like test dates or assignment dates on the calendar for a course.

You can also add your own private entries to the calendar .

  • Private entries will only be viewed by the person entering the private entry.
  • Public entries can be viewed by all the course participants.

If you are involved in several different courses, the global calendar merges all the dates for the courses into one global calendar and, in turn, lets you view all dates important for all courses from any course screen.

Entries can be viewed for a day, week, or month. You may select the calendar view that you wish.

Accessing the Calendar from My Web Campus

The My WebCampus screen, by default, shows you today's calendared events in a channel at left of your course list and this week's calendared events in a channel under your course list. You can acess the whole calendar by clicking the Calendar icon at the far right of the welcome bar.

The bottom of your My WebCampus screen changes to show you the current month.

Notice the key at the bottom of the calendar. This tells you how to identify which class a calenar event is associated with. (Personal events do not have class symbols.)

Click on the View Week link to the left of any Sunday to see a close-up view for the whole week, or click on a day of the month to view details for the day.

You can change the month being viewed with the drop down month/year lists above the calendar at left. And you have the option of viewing different calendars from the View drop-down menu at upper right.

To return to the main My WebCampus screen, click the My WebCampus tab above the calendar screen.


Adding a Calendar Entry

To add a calendar entry, click the Add Entry button at the top of the screen. An Add Entry screen opens.

In the top area, enter the title of the event (required). If you wish, you can also enter a description (you can Enable HTML Creator if you wish to format the description).

In the middle area, enter the start date for the event. If it is a one-day event, you do not need to enter an end date. If you wish, enter a start and end time as well. The small icons to the left of the date and time fields make entering dates and times an easy point and click operation.

In the bottom area indicate whether this is a personal event or one related to a particular course. If it's specific to a course, select the course and indicate whether you want it public or private. Public events will appear on calendars for all others in the class. Private events will appear on your own calendar only.

Clicking on More Options at the bottom of the window allows you to create recurring events on your calendar -- for example, an event occurring every Wednesday evening at 6 pm or on the third Thursday of each month.

When finished, click Save at the bottom of the window.


Deleting Calendar Entries

  1. Access the calendar and click the day of the entry you want to remove.
  2. Click on the action link icon to the right of the entry you would like to delete, and select Delete from the menu that appears.

  3. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Click OK.

Great Basin College Web Campus Instructions Table of Contents