Great Basin College Web Campus Instructions Table of Contents

Changing the Appearance of My WebCampus


You can customize My WebCampus to facilitate your online learning and please your eyes by:

  • Selecting which channels to view or hide
  • Setting a color scheme (or restoring the original "default" color scheme)
  • Rearranging the My WebCampus layout


To access the Channels page, click the Channels link in the welcome bar.

The Channels screen lets you show or hide areas of your My WebCampus desktop. Click the box next to any channel to change its display status. A checkmark means that the channel is displayed; an empty box means that it's hidden.

When finished, click the Save button at the bottom.


To access the Color page, click the Color link in the welcome bar.

The Colors screen lets you choose the colors of your My WebCampus screen.

To individually select colors, click the radio button at right to indicate the color you want to change, then click the color on the color table you wish. A preview at bottom shows what the results will look like.

When finished, click the Save button at the bottom, or to cancel your changes, click Cancel.

Note: If you save a color scheme and end up not liking it, you can always return to the Colors screen and click Restore Default to return the colors to their original state.

Tips for Students with Visual Impairments

You may want to improve the screen's visibility by clicking the Use High Contrast Colors button on the Colors screen above.

If you want to make text larger, select My Settings from the top right group of links on the My WebCampus window.

On the My Settings window, click the My Tool Options tab. About half way down the window, you'll have the option of changing the Font Size and Font Type. You can increase the text size and select a type face to your liking.



To adjust the layout of the My WebCampus screen, click the Layout link on the welcome bar.

A layout screen appears. Click the radio button next to the channel you want to move, then click the arrows at the bottom of the window to move it where you want it. Repeat until all the channels are organized as you like.

Click Save when finished to activate your changes or Cancel to cancel them.

Great Basin College Web Campus Instructions Table of Contents