Great Basin College Web Campus Instructions Table of Contents



When you click on a course from the My WebCampus screen, a course screen opens. On the left are Course Tools and My Tools you'll use in taking the course. On the right is the course content screen.


Course Content

The Course Content Home can contain a variety of icons; you can open the content that has been added to the Course Content Home by clicking an icon.

A quick way to return to the Course Content Home from anywhere in the course is to click the Course Content Home icon. The icon always appears at the top of the toolbar at left.

Course content might be further organized into Folders and Learning Modules.

To keep the Course Content Home from becoming too cluttered, your instructor may add folders, which are simply other pages to which content can be added. You can think of folders as sub-pages of the Course Content Home, just as the homepage of a web site has links to other pages within the site.

When you open a learning module, it might look something like the screen shown below. It also might show a clickable table of contents at the left of the information screen (not shown). Whether or not a table of contents appears, you can use the action menu at upper left to navigate the learning module.


This is a closeup of the action menu:

The action menu gives you a quick way to move back and forward through the lesson, take notes, print a lesson, and access assessements for the lesson.


Tools Menu

The tool bars shrink and expand to accommodate course content. When the menu is small, you see only the icon; when large, you see both the icon for each tool and a label.

You can expand them or shrink them yourself by clicking the small control to the right of the toolbar, as shown below.

Using Tools

To access the main screen for a tool, click on the tool icon or label, as shown below:

Finding Your Way

The top of the content side of the screen always shows you where you are and how you got there. You can click on a link to retrace your steps.


Great Basin College Web Campus Instructions Table of Contents