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The Mail tool is facilitates communication between you, your instructor, and your classmates. You can use the Mail tool to send written messages to other users in your WebCampus courses. Using the Mail tool to send messages is just like sending e-mail. However, unlike an external e-mail tool, you can only send messages to other members of your classes; you cannot send messages over the Internet.

The Mail tool includes the following features:

  • You can send, read, reply to, and forward messages.
  • You can create folders that you can use to sort your messages.
  • You can save messages as a draft and preview them before sending them.


Accessing Mail in My WebCampus

To access mail in all your courses, click the Mail icon at the upper right of the My WebCampus screen.

Mail Icon Screenshot

You'll see list of all your WebCampus classes. Click on a class to view mail for the class.

Mail screenshop

To return to the main My Web Campus screen after accessing mail, click the My WebCampus tab above the mail screen.

The Class Mail Screen

Your mailbox for the class appears. It might look something like this:

Mail Screencapture


The Mail screen initially displays your Inbox, which lists all of the messages that have been sent to you; new messages appear in bold. To view a message, click its Subject title. The message appears in a pop-up window, where you can reply to or forward the message.

As well as opening and reading messages, you can do the following from the Mail screen:

  • Create and send messages Create folders to organize your messages Refresh the screen to see if you have any new messages.
  • Print selected messages.


Sending Mail Messages

To send a message, from the Mail screen, click Create Message. A Create Message screen appears.

To select the course member or members to whom you want to send the message, click Browse for Recipients. The names of your classmates, your teaching assistant, and instructor appear in a pop-up window, where you can select whether you want to send the message To the recipients, or copy the message to them (CC) or blind copy the message to them (BCC).

Note: With CC, the To recipients of the message see that a copy has been sent to others. With BCC the To recipients are unaware that others have been sent a copy.

Once you've selected one or more To recipients for the message, type in a subject for the message and the content of the message in the areas indicated.

When finished, click Send at the bottom of the Create Message window. The message is sent.


Great Basin College Web Campus Instructions Table of Contents