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When you first log in to WebCampus, the My WebCampus screen appears. The My WebCampus screen allows you to:

  • Check your browser to be sure that your computer is properly set up for online learning.
  • Change settings to make your online learning environment more comfortable.
  • Access convenience tools: a calendar, WebCampus mail, general campus announcements, bookmarks, a personal to-do list, and a list of who is currently online.
  • And, most important, access the courses in which you are enrolled and learn grades for classes as they become available.

My WebCampus Screenshot


My WebCampus Quick Start

With reference to the drawing above:

  1. The My WebCampus tab will always return you to the My WebCampus screen.
  2. Links at the top right of the MyWebCampus window let you log out of WebCampus (Log Out), get context sensitive help (Help), check the setup of your computer's browser (Check Browser), and change some miscellaneous settings affecting how WebCampus tools behave (Settings).
  3. Links in the welcome bar of My WebCampus -- Channels, Color, and Layout -- let you determine the appearance of the screen below the welcome bar.
  4. Icons at the far right of the welcome bar give you access to your WebCampus Mail and Calendar.
  5. A Course List gives you access to all the courses in which you are enrolled.
  6. Boxes appearing below the welcome bar are referred to as "channels." Each channel gives you access to a particular WebCampus function that is possibly relevant to your online learning experience. There are two kinds of channels, described below.
that you cannot change
that you can change
My Grades: Grades are available for viewing here only after your instructor posts them. Click on a class to view a grade. Calendar: Some calendar items may have been posted by your instrutor[s] and/or classmates. You cannot change these, but you can add items of your own.
Campus Announcements: Click on a titile to view the full announcement. To Do List: You populate this list yourself by adding items, as you wish.
Campus Bookmarks: Instructors may post bookmarks here for your reference. Click on a bookmark to open the web page referenced. Personal Bookmarks: These are addresses to web sites you enter yourself. You may find it more useful to add favorite web addresses to your browser's bookmarks or Favorites, however, so that you'll have access to them when the semester is over.
Who's Online: This tells you who among your classmates is currently online. This is useful, for example, if you want to initiate a chat session (which you can do once you've selected a course to enter).
  1. Notice the action link at the upper right of each channel box. The action link lets you hide the channel if it's not useful to you.* In the case of the Calendar, To Do List, and Personal Bookmarks, the action link also lets you add information -- a calendar entry, a to-do item, or a bookmark.

Action Link Screenshot
Action Link

*Note: If you've used an action link to hide a channel, you may bring it back into view by clicking the Channels link in the welcome bar.

Great Basin College Web Campus Instructions Table of Contents