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My WebCampus lets you create a To Do List as a convenience to help you stay organized.

The MyWebCampus screen displays only the first 20 characters of each To Do item. The To Do List screen displays the full item and allows you to edit and re-prioritize the items. On both screens the items are presented in order of the priority that you assigned to them.

Accessing the ToDo List

Click the action link on the To Do List channel and select Edit To Do List from the drop down menu.

The To Do List screen appears.

The To Do List Screen

In the To Do List screen, you can:

  • add items to your to do list.
  • edit items on your to do list.
  • print your to do list.
  • delete items from your to do list.

To edit or delete an existing item, click the action link to the right of the item and choose Edit or Delete.

To add a new item, click the Add Item button. An Add Item screen appears.

Type in the text you want. Optionally, set the priority of the item. Priority 1 items will appear on the list before priority 2 items, and so on.

Click Save at the bottom to save your item.

Click the My WebCampus tab to return to the My WebCampus screen.


Great Basin College Web Campus Instructions Table of Contents