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Check-Out and Return Items

How Do I Obtain a Library Card?

It is the college's desire that all registered students apply for library cards. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to apply for their library card and have it placed on the back of your faculty or employee identification.

Students from campuses other than Elko are encouraged to apply for their library card online. Students can access the electronic resources found on this website once they receive their library card number. All applications are subject to verification of enrollment by the applicant. If verification cannot be met, a library card will not be issued.

Community borrowers need to apply in person. If verification of student status cannot be made, a community borrower card will be issued so that the student may borrow books immediately. However, community borrowers are not given access to the college databases. When applying in person, the patron must have a picture identification to verify they are the individual applying for the card. No one is allowed to apply for a library card for another..

Who Can Check Out Books?

  1. Great Basin College Faculty
  2. Great Basin College Adjunct Faculty
  3. Great Basin College Students
  4. Great Basin College Staff
  5. Community Borrowers

Faculty status is given to those who are current full-time faculty members. Adjunct faculty members are those who are current, part-time faculty members. Students must be currently enrolled in classes for the semester. Staff status is given to those who currently work for Great Basin College either as full or part-time. Community borrowers are those who reside in the college service area and do not meet any of the previous criteria.

How Long may I Keep Checked Out Materials?

Loan periods are determined by borrower type and/or item type. If the loan period of books would normally be past the patron's expiation date, the patron's expiration date becomes the date the books are due.

The following is a guideline for checkout times for most books:

  1. Faculty - One Semester
  2. Adjunct and Staff - 28 days
  3. Students - 28 days
  4. Community Borrowers - 14 days

Periodicals and journals only check out for 7 days with no renewals. Community borrowers are not allowed to check out periodicals and journals. However, community borrowers are limited to 5 items total per person. Videos and DVDs may be checked out by faculty, students and staff for a period of 7 days. These are limited to three items total. Reference items are for in-library use only.


All patrons may renew materials twice. If a patron tries to renew a third time, the circulation system will limit any further renewals. Patrons may renew one of three ways:

  1. They may bring the item into the library and renew at the circulation desk.
  2. They may call the library and renew over the phone by calling (775) 753-2222
  3. They may renew online by clicking here.

Periodicals, videos and DVD's may not be renewed.


All books are subject to recall one week after being checked out. You have one week to return a book that has been recalled. If it is not returned in that time period, your borrowing privileges will be suspended. Any faculty or staff may recall a book.


Items are placed on reserve for college classes at the request of the professor. These materials may consist of library materials or professors' personal materials. Loan periods for this material are restricted to provide access to more users. Loan periods are: 2-hours in library use only; 12 hour use (specify overnight or no overnight); 1-day use; 2-day use; or 7-day use. Recalls cannot be placed on reserve items and they cannot be renewed.

Overdue Items

Overdue notices are generated by the UNR circulation system and are automatically forwarded to Great Basin College Library. If you do not return your books on time, you will lose your borrowing privileges. 

  1. First notice is sent fourteen (14) days after the due date.
  2. Second notice is sent twenty-one (21) days after the due date.
  3. Notice of upcoming billing is sent twenty-eight(28) days after the due date.
  4. Replacement billing is sent forty-two (42) days after due date.

After the replacement bill is sent, a $5.00 per book billing charge is added to students record and a stop is placed on the students transcripts. A release is not requested until the replacement and fines have been paid. If a patron returns the overdue item, their account is credited all fees with the exception of the $5.00 per book billing charge. The library staff makes every attempt to keep records up-to-date and it is suggested that each time a patron checks out an item, they tell the desk personnel of any changes to their record.

Videos, DVDs, journals and reserve items do not have a grace period, and are subject to fines, in varying amounts, right away.

Claims Returned

If a patron believes he/she has returned material that is being billed as overdue, the patron should inform the appropriate staff. Library personnel will search for the material but the material will remain on the patron's record until it has been located. If the material is found within the library, it will be removed from the patron's record. If the material is not found, the patron will be assessed a replacement fee. It should be be noted that the library is not interested in collecting fines and replacement fees, but to maintain the collection for patrons to use.

For More Information Contact

Great Basin College Library
McMullen Hall
1500 College Parkway
Elko, NV 89801

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