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Oxford University Press eBooks

Please view our list of eBooks provided by the Oxford University Press.


Dictionary of Byzantium

With more than 5,000 entries by an international group of eminent historians, this is the standard research tool on 1,100 years of Byzantine history.

Dictionary of the Renaissance

This dictionary provides rich detail on all aspects of the Renaissance in 14th to 17th century Europe.

Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

Featuring 600 original articles written by leading scholars, this encyclopedia goes far beyond the records of archaeology to make available what we know about the full social, political, religious, cultural and artistic legacy of the 5,000-year old civilization.

Encyclopedia of American Literature

This award-winning Encyclopedia surveys the vibrant terrain of American literature in 350 essays from leading scholars, encompassing the range and depth of American literary history from the 1600s to the present day.

Encyclopedia of British Literature

This encyclopedia provides comprehensive coverage of literature from the Abbey Theatre to Israel Zangwill, covering the entire history of literature in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland in the major literary languages (Anglo-Saxon, English, Welsh, Scots, Irish, and Latin).

Encyclopedia of Children's Literature

Written by an international roster of more than 300 authors, this encyclopedia comprehensively documents and interprets the books read by children throughout the world.

Encyclopedia of Dance

In nearly 2,000 articles written by scholars from fifty countries, the Encyclopedia covers the full spectrum of dance-theatrical, ritual, dance-drama, folk, traditional, ethnic, and social dance.

Encyclopedia of Economic History

International in scope and spanning all time periods of human history, this resource includes 900 original articles by noted scholars from more than thirty-five countries. With coverage ranging from accounting and advertising to zoning and zoos, this landmark works stands at the busy intersection of history and social sciences.

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment

Covering the "long" Enlightenment, from the rise of Descartes' disciples in 1670 to the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy in 1815, these 700 articles by leading scholars range from discussions of mercantilism and democracy to the battlefield to the dissemination of ideas in salons and coffeehouses.

Encyclopedia of Evolution

A comprehensive guide to the essentials of evolutionary biology, these entries by leading experts survey essential concepts and theories, present methods, models and findings, and discuss both the history of the field and current controversies.

Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America

In 700 original, intriguing articles - from "Apple Pie" to "Zombie" - this database covers the significant events, inventions, and social movements in American history that have affected the way Americans view, prepare, and consume food and drink.

Encyclopedia of Global Change

Encompassing tsunamis, elephant conservation, ocean pollution, mining regulation and permafrost melt, the 200 authoritative articles in this unique and wide-ranging encyclopedia investigate all types of phenomena that change life on Earth.

Encyclopedia of Latinos & Latinas in the United States

This landmark scholarly work offers comprehensive, reliable, and accessible information about the fastest growing minority population in the United States.

Encyclopedia of Linguistics

This encyclopedia encompasses the full range of topics in linguistics, including such areas as historical, comparative, formal, mathematical, functionally, philosophical, and socio-linguistics.

Encyclopedia of the Reformation

This reference is the definitive source for information about the entire range of religious and social changes that altered the fact of Europe in the sixteenth century, encompassing not only issues of church polity and theology but also developments in politics, economics, demographics, art and literature.

Encyclopedia of Social Work

The Encyclopedia contains four hundred subject entries and two hundred brief biographies of key figures in the history of social work. Clearly arranged in A-Z format, each article is fully cross-referenced and includes a select bibliography to guide interested readers to primary sources and the most important scholarly works on a given subject. The work also includes a comprehensive index and topical outline. Comprehensive in coverage and international in scope, the Encyclopedia is a valuable resource to social work practitioners, scholars, and students alike.

Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance

This encyclopedia provides authoritative and up-to-date information about theatre and performance from ancient Greek theatre to the latest developments in London, Paris, New York, and around the globe.

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