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GBC Students Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa

Students Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa graphic.GBC Students were recently inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. In order to be eligible for invitation into the honor society, members must have completed 12 hours of coursework and maintained a grade point average of 3.5.

“Inductees are members for life as long as they maintain a GPA of 3.0 or greater. Members have access to scholarships opportunities for undergraduate and graduate school,” said PTK Advisor and Geology Professor Carrie Meisner.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is an international honor society of two-year colleges, and two-year academic programs. It's the largest honor society in American higher education, with more than 1.5 million members and 1,200 chapters located in all 50 states and abroad. PTK is also one of the largest collegiate honors societies world-wide.

Phi Theta Kappa is built on four pillars, or hallmarks that each chapter strives to capture in each of its activities:

  • Scholarship: Academic study or achievement; learning of a high level.
  • Leadership: The state or position of being a leader.
  • Fellowship: Friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests.
  • Service: The action of helping or doing work for someone else.

Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is by invitation only. All eligible students receive an invitation to join once each semester. Invitations are sent out the semester following when criteria are met.

This year’s inductees are:

  • Danielle Beazer
  • Kyle Bell
  • Leticia Chavez
  • Deborah Fullow
  • Andrea Huerta
  • Taylor Jun
  • Wyatt Kay
  • Stephanie Larsen
  • Whitey Little Nest
  • Nadia Louhichi
  • Mackenzie Manley
  • Javier Martinez
  • James McDade
  • Indica Morgenstein
  • Dathan Neal
  • Krystal Oppenhein
  • Nicole Ramirez
  • Adreanna Roberts
  • Ashley Anne Sales
  • Sandra Solis
  • Jennifer Stieger
  • Brandon Thurman
  • Gerelle Valentine-Thurman
  • Melissa Washabaugh

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Marketing/Social Media Specialist, Student Services
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