August 27, 1999

MEMBERS PRESENT: G. Avent, E. Bateman, J. Blach, F. Daniels, K. Dannehl, P. Fox, G. Goicoechea, J. Harris, E. Henderson, C. Hyslop, P. Josey, R. Kampf, J. Kempster, J. King, M. Kuhl, M. McFarlane, R. McNally, M. Myrhow, E. Nickel, L. Owens, S. Popeck, M. Ports, M. Puccinelli, L. Reber, B. Robertson,J. Rice, J. Shrock, R. Siler, G. Smith, J. Smith, P. Smith, S. Sweetwater, G. Tenney, M. Van de Ven

OTHERS PRESENT: Vice President Betty Elliott, Regent Dorothy Gallagher, Danny Gonzales, Dr. Charles Holt, Lynn Mahlberg, President Ronald Remington

  1. ATTENDANCE: Silent roll was taken. Chair Eric Bateman declared a quorum present.
  2. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:19 p.m.
  3. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS : Chair Eric Bateman welcomed Regent Dorothy Gallagher and new faculty to Senate. Georgeanna Smith passed around two sheets of "expensive", decorated paper (paper towels from one of our restrooms) which faculty were encouraged to sign and which will be shipped to Karen Martin and Jill Stringfield at their "retreats" in Salt Lake City. Both women are doing notably better.
  4. REGENT GALLAGHER: Dorothy Gallagher praised the faculty of GBC for an outstanding job during the past year placing little emphasis on the recent Board of Regents meetings. Certain unprofessional criticisms were voiced which should not effect college performance. Regent Gallagher stated that she will continue as Regent on behalf of GBC.
    1. The feasibility of an appointed board is a likely alternative to the current structure citing the large sums of money spent on campaigns. Regent Gallagher would trust Governor Guinn to appoint appropriate individuals; however, she could not reasonably say she would trust future elected officials. GBC should show support for Gov. Guinn despite personal political affiliations because he is very supportive of us and will not allow GBC to be left outside funding initiatives.
    2. Tom Andres is acting Chancellor. The Board is currently questioning the amount of authority of the Chancellor's position and Regent Gallagher does not see another permanent appointment until things quiet down.
    3. Regent Gallagher does support a state college in Henderson due to the necessity of meeting the increased populations' educational needs.
    4. A dental school is not feasible due to lack of funding sources. There is currently no state or institutional resources even though the proposed initiative has been passed. The alternative options for funding presented are not feasible.
    5. Regent Gallagher was presented with a coffee mug commemorating the installation of GBC's Elementary Education program and thanking her for her tremendous support of this undertaking.
  5. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the May 14, 1999, meeting were unanimously approved.
  6. SENATE CHAIR REPORT: Chair Eric Bateman reported the following:
    1. Board of Regents -
      1. An initiative to distribute library funds on the basis of FTE was declined in part due to Vice President Stan Aiazzi's address to the board.
      2. A new Vice President was appointed to CCSN. A note of criticism was voiced over the appointments' lack of a college degree.
      3. The Board amended their bylaws allowing the election of Jill Derby to her third term as Board Chair.
      4. GBC's Academic Master Plan was approved.
      5. Nancy Remington's appointment was approved.
      6. Technology Fee Proposal - Due to the inadequate amount of equipment monies awarded within the legislative budget, an additional fee of $4 per credit hour was proposed. Final vote will be held during the September or October BoR meeting. A motion was made and unanimously passed to draft a resolution giving a modest fee, including a sunset clause and allowing FS budget committee approval on expenditure. The resolution will be drafted and voted on via email.
    2. The committee assignments for the 1999-2000 academic year were unanimously approved.
    3. Faculty Senate Attendance and Membership - It was determined that FS will remain a representative body. Membership will be determined by each department.
    1. Academic Standards - None; the report on grade inflation from Lynn Mahlberg should soon be completed and will be distributed for the next meeting
    2. Compensation and Benefits - None; any requests for funds should be turned into a committee member before arrangements for participation are made.
    3. Facilities Committee - None
    4. Personnel Committee - None; the committee has received the information on the ed tech position and will begin reviewing files.
    5. Student Relations Committee - None
    6. Budget - None
    7. Curriculum and Articulation - None; faculty is reminded that this is a catalog year.
    8. Faculty and Administration Evaluations - None
    9. Scholarships and Awards - None
    10. Distance Learning - None; this committee is currently at ad hoc status. The committee will review the bylaws to secure permanency.
    11. Core Curriculum Committee - Written report submitted; unanimously approved.
      1. The committee asked to change their name to the General Education committee. The motion was tabled until a committee description is drafted. The committee will then pursue permanent status as outlined in the bylaws.
      2. The committee gave three recommendations in their report including a time line for official placement of the courses into practice. The committee asks that each subject begin submitting courses for the core requirements of the different degrees. Each is asked to keep the number of classes submitted to no more then two. Each course with the exception of MATH 126 (or higher) must meet the integrated objective format. All upper division courses will fall under the INT prefix.
  8. OLD BUSINESS: No old business was brought forward.
    1. Cheryl Pyatt and Lelah Carter were nominated as part-time faculty representatives. The final vote will take place at the next meeting.
    2. The Nevada Faculty Alliance will hold a meeting next week for members and those interested in participation. Among the business on the agenda is the election of officers.
    1. Liza Micheli was nominated for the Outstanding Student Award.
    1. Judy Harris has been appointed to the articulation committee for the University of Nevada, Reno elementary education program.
    2. All faculty are encouraged to participate in the ASB orientation events around campus.
  12. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p.m.