December 10, 1999

MEMBERS PRESENT: G. Avent, P. Bagley, E. Bateman, J. Blach, B. Byram, J. Cox, F. Daniels, K. Dannehl, P. Fox, S. Garcia, G. Goicoechea, E. Henderson, P. Josey, M. Kucherawy, M. Kuhl, K. Martin, M. McFarlane, R. McNally, M. Myrhow, E. Nickel, L. Ohlin, R. O'Shea-Hockett, L. Owens, M. Ports, C. Pyatt, L. Reber, B. Robertson, J. Shaw, J. Shrock, R. Siler, G. Smith, J. Smith, P. Smith, S. Sweetwater, G.Tenney, S. Thomson, M. Van de Ven, P. Warren, G. Whitcomb, J. Williams, M. Wise

OTHERS PRESENT: G. Heberer, L. Mahlberg

  1. ATTENDANCE: Silent roll was taken. Chair Eric Bateman declared a quorum present.
  2. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:17 p.m.
  3. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS : Chair Eric Bateman welcomed everyone to Senate.
  4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the November 5, 1999, meeting were unanimously approved.
  5. SENATE CHAIR REPORT: Chair Eric Bateman reported the following:
    1. Board of Regents -
      1. A meeting regarding the search for a Chancellor was held November 19. The committee agreed to begin the search. The committee will consist of Regents Dondero, Derby, Seastrand, Phillips, and Gallagher and will be accompanied by an advisory committee consisting of two faculty representatives, Jannet Vreeland (UNR) and Candace Kant (CCSN), two institutional presidents and a student representative. Representatives were chosen by lot.
      2. Presidential Evaluations - Because a permanent Chancellor is not in place, the BoR will conduct the evaluations. President Remington will be evaluated after the first of the year by a team headed by Regent Gallagher and Regent Kirkpatrick. Faculty will be asked to participate.
      3. Distance Education Funds - The regents voted to extend the tuition discount currently available to high school students who take college classes via distance education to individuals in high school completion programs.
      4. Salary Study - The consultants concluded that community college faculty are underpaid and recommend the implementation of an adjustment schedule. However, the study recommend controversial methods such as freezing current top-end salaries until an acceptable balance is achieved. The Council of Senate Chairs will closely review the report.
      5. Henderson State College - BoR voted to continue the activities of the legislative advisory committee. A committee to form a search committee for a founding president was approved. Despite positive media reports, several individuals did speak out against the development of this state college.
      6. Joint Compensation and Benefits Committee - A motion was made to accept the reinstatement of the Joint Compensation and Benefits Committee with two representatives from each institution. The motion included the designation of Compensation and Benefits Committee Chair Phil Smith and Dr. Jack Smith as GBC designated representatives. The motion was unanimously approved.
      7. Board Secretary - The BoR will not continue to seek a Board Secretary. Interim Secretary Susan Ernst will be appointed to the position. This position will be combined with another position; therefore, a new title will be originated.
    1. Academic Standards - None
    2. Budget - None. The committee is awaiting the equipment requests from Administrative Services.
    3. Compensation and Benefits - Written; approved. Three out-of-state travel requests were approved. Consideration for professional advancement funds needs to be allocated. The committee asks for more involvement from willing volunteers.
    4. Curriculum and Articulation - Verbal; approved.
      1. ENG 329 Language Study and ANTH 301 Indians of North America were approved.
      2. CAD 100, CAD 133 and GIS 125 were approved for prefix changes.
    5. Distance Learning - Verbal; approved. The committee is currently discussing telecourse policy with the interactive policy being reviewed in January. All policies will be refined and brought to the Senate for approval.
    6. Facilities Committee - None. The High Tech Center will contain approximately ten offices which will house the COT department and the Elementary Education department.
      1. The committee was asked to look at the wheelchair accessability of McMullen Hall. Currently, an individual must roll off of the sidewalk three feet to reach the automatic button to open the door. This process is hampering and may not allow a handicapped individual enough time to make it through the threshold before the automatic door closes.
    7. Faculty and Administrative Evaluations - None
    8. General Education -None. Syllabi have started to arrive. The program review for General Education will be conducted during next year.
    9. Personnel Committee - None. Positions for the education technologist and the web master are pending.
    10. Scholarships and Awards - None
    11. Student Relations Committee - None
  7. OLD BUSINESS: No old business was brought forward.
    1. General Studies/Liberal Arts Degree - A videotaped message was provided by the committee chair. The committee requests official support of the development of a four-year liberal arts degree. All actions regarding the development will be brought through Faculty Senate for approval. A flow chart was provided outlining the proper course of action. A request was also given for the approval of the recommended committee members. The Senate unanimously approved support with the stipulation that an explanation be given for the appointment of recommended members.
      1. The committee also asks that Senate examine the workload policy incorporating that the development of new classes receive some type of equivalent release time as fitting payment for the extra energy involved in the development process. The committee recommends that there be a standard written policy in place and not determined on an individual basis as is the current procedure. Senate asks the Compensation and Benefits Committee to review the current Workload Policy along with similar policies from sister institutions to ensure appropriate compensation (credit reduction, percentage of salary as pay, etc for all forms of overload (conversion of live class to online, conversion of classes to meet new requirements, etc.).
    2. Nursing Degree - It is currently too early to have a working committee in place. Because of the major of the program which will require two different accreditations and approvals from the State Board of Nursing along with the BoR approval, the process will be different. Regulations require the program director be doctorially prepared. An interesting situation arises as the individual must be in place for the development of the program; however, the college may have difficulty recruiting an appropriate person when the program is not established. The program development and the recruiting will need to be conducted simultaneously.
    3. Technical Degree - A committee has been established to examine the interest in a 2 + 2 degree. Surveys are being distributed throughout the area with tabulation and analysis completed by consultants. A name for the degree is under discussion through research of other institutions and various community groups. The name of the degree, the name of the major and a rough outline of the program structure is due in February.
    4. Elementary Education - A handout of selected statistics was distributed. The committee interviewed 49 applicants earlier in the semester with 47 admitted into the program. Mathematics, social studies, science and special education endorsements were requested by the students. The committee will look at these requests and also the possibility of a technology endorsement. All endorsements must meet the criteria for K-8 only.
    1. Catherine Mollart and Billy Ellison were nominated for the Outstanding Student Award.
    1. Foundation -
      1. Planned Giving - As Faculty remain the best ambassadors to the college, it is essential that an understanding is gained of the program. A planned gift goes into effect upon death, usually the college is named in an individual's will. There are currently 37 planned gifts in place totaling $5,990,000 in which the members of this group are referred to as the Legacy Society. Current goal is set at $25 million in unrestricted funds by 2015. As the gifts mature and as the endowment grows, the college will reap 5% each year ($1.25 million annually) to use where needed.
      2. The office is always in need of extra hands. If Faculty are aware of someone wishing to volunteer their time towards the college, please have them contact the Foundation Office.
      3. Phone-A-Thon- To date student-callers have raised $176,000 toward the $200,000 goal.
    2. Nevada Faculty Alliance -
      1. All faculty are invited to the GBC Chapter of the Nevada Faculty Alliance Christmas Bash held 12/17/99 at Round Table Pizza.
      2. A representative attended the November 6 meeting of the State Board of the Nevada Faculty Alliance. Among the issues discussed: a faculty member disappointed at the amount of night classes which the individual was required to teach and the fact that the classroom was across campus from the individual's office. Obviously, very little sympathy was shown. However, the group is taking more notice of the GBC chapter. It is essential that we continue the endeavors of the alliance as the group continues to grow and continues to gain firmer ground in decision-making processes.
  11. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 2:31 p.m.