January 26, 2001

MEMBERS PRESENT: G. Avent, P. Bagley, E. Bateman, D. Bolinder, D. Borino, B. Byram, J. Byrnes, L. Frazier, G. Goicoechea, E. Henderson, C. Hyslop, P. Josey, J. Kempster, M. Kuhl, J. Larsen, K. Martin, B. Murphy, S. Neilsen, R. O'Shea-Hockett, S. Owen, L. Owens, M. Puccinelli, C. Pyatt, J. Rice, K. Schwandt, J. Shaw, J. Shrock, R. Siler, G. Smith, J. Smith, P. Smith, S. Sweetwater, G. Tenney, P. Warren, M. Wise

  1. ATTENDANCE: Silent roll was taken. Chair John Rice declared a quorum present.
  2. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:20 p.m. Chair Rice asked the FS Executive Committee to meet following adjournment to briefly discuss tabled agenda items.
  3. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS : Chair John Rice welcomed everyone to Senate and introduced Cindy Hyslop as new full-time COT instructor, Regina O'Shea-Hockett as new part-time faculty representative, Jay Larsen as new lead faculty of BAS Degree program and recognized Richard Adkins as the new history instructor.
  4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the December 8, 2000, meeting were unanimously approved.
  5. SENATE CHAIR REPORT: The following was reported:
    1. Board of Regents - Vice Chair Schwandt in attendance for Chair Rice.
      1. Rand Report - BoR responsive to the report's recommendations giving individual institutional presidents more authority. Chancellor Nichols asked the report team to tighten things up submitting models for the higher education system. It is noted that the Rand team did not come to the community colleges for study input; therefore, the System Faculty Senate considers it a failed report.
      2. Performance Indicators - Consideration of indicator usage (performance based) in lieu of FTE funding formula. The indicators would be a compilation of 1998 indicators along with new options (suggestions: retention of Millennium Scholarship recipients, graduation transfer rates, student diversity, implementation of recommendations of Batel Study and Rand study). There was discussion of using the Estate Tax to assist in awarding funds. Thus far there is no word on restrictions for spending except that they are one time and are supposed to be used to enhance quality. The base year would be 2000-2001 with circulation in 2002-2003. Vice President Elliott will oversee defining areas for the campus.
      3. There was discussion of making financial aid more need-based vs. merit based. The Board hopes to increase need-based from 80% to 90%. The Millennium Scholarship fund seems to be benefitting those students who had planned to attend college. This is a positive aspect; however, the monies still are not reaching students with average grades who typically fit into financially need-based situations which was the main selling point of the Millennium Scholarship program.
      4. Part-time faculty salaries are still under discussion. Regarding full-time faculty salaries: Elko County School District employees base pay is higher than the GBC full-time faculty base pay. Both salary areas need study.
    2. Academic Master Plan - Faculty was thanked for the participation they showed in the recent workshop. Two more sessions are planned to update the 12 goals. Specifics will be distributed.
    3. Budget - The GBC 4-year Program projections did not make it into the legislative budget. VP Diekhans is in communication with the state to make certain the funding is included in the budget package. There is a moratorium on new programs; however President Remington and Vice President Diekhans testified in front of the Joint Budget Committee to a favorable response. BoR is the deciding factor.
    4. Gov. Guinn approved funding for a 2% COLA with an institutional match of 2%. This calculates to 4% + 4% to cover the biennium. For GBC: approx $120,000 each biennium. First year doesn't appear to be a problem; however, the second year match cannot be secured. This outlined COLA is for UCCSN professional/faculty staff only. Classified employees will automatically receive their 4% per biennium.
    1. Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies - Support has been gained from UCCSN institutions with the suggestion to change the name of the program to Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Professional Studies which the committee has approved. The program goes before the BoR next month. The program does not qualify under the imposed new program moratorium. Jack Smith has resigned as lead faculty of the program due to his upcoming sabbatical. Invitations for replacement will be handled through Vice President Elliott.
    2. Bachelor of Applied Science - Submitted courses and prefixes are being set in line. The new course Foundations of Management Theory and Practice has been added as a transition course. The committee meets with Curriculum and Articulation next week.
    3. Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education - Currently 15-17 students currently fulfilling their student teaching requirement. There have been approximately 85 accepted applicants with additional applications expected in March.
    4. Bachelor of Arts in Nursing - The committee is ready to hire the lead faculty. The program is expected to go before the State Board of Nursing in January 2002 with program to begin shortly after. A meeting has been scheduled with President Remington and VP Elliott to begin the hiring process. This will be considered a "new program" but little interference is foreseen as nursing programs are considerably favorable among the BoR and the program has been brought before BoR subcommittees.
    1. Academic Standards - No report.
    2. Budget - Written report. Recommendations on the tech fee funding were outlined and submitted to Administrative Council. Senate was reminded at that time that the suggestions will be taken into consideration but Administration has the final say on distribution (Note: The report failed to be approved at Senate. The report was revised according to Administration outline and resubmitted to representatives for vote. The report was unanimously approved.)
    3. Compensation and Benefits - Oral report; approved. Travel funds were approved for Dr. Joel Shrock and Dick Borino to attend separate conferences.
    4. Curriculum and Articulation - No report. The committee will meet next week.
    5. Distance Learning - No report.
    6. Facilities - Oral report; information only. The committee met with Safety Officer Pat Anderson and Regina Hockett to discuss ADA considerations. Scott Young, State ADA Coordinator, will be on campus on March 23 to study the campus and make recommendations.
    7. Faculty and Administrative Evaluations - No report.
    8. General Education - Written report; approved. The report contained two separate recommendations which Senate voted separately. The recommendation that INT 100 not be required of student transferring from other institutions or within another GBC program area with 25 or more completed credits was passed 28:1 with the understanding that the issue be revisited if necessary. This guideline will take effect as soon as possible. The recommendation that SOC 101 and AMS 310 be added to the program was unanimously passed.
    9. Personnel - No report.
    10. Scholarships and Awards - No report. Senate make the suggestion that the committee pursue Newmont Gold scholarships. The scholarships are only awarded to four-year institutions. GBC now falls into this category.
    11. Student Relations - No report.
    1. Agenda item regarding Senate Membership Formula (Representation Formula) was tabled by Chair Rice.
    1. Agenda item for Faculty Retention was tabled by Chair Rice.
    1. No nominations were brought forward.
    2. Mike Myrhow has been nominated for the Regents Award for Outstanding Community College Instructor.
    1. Tickets are still available for the Western Folklife Center / GBC Cowboy Poetry workshops which include a stock dog clinic, horsemanship clinic, and a presentation by western heritage watercolor artist Willie Matthews.
    2. Administration is drafting a memo to the General Education Committee requesting clarification on a few items since there are frequent changes. There are graduates coming up in May.
    3. Faculty are urged to attend the February 14 meeting on benefits. The "improvements" made were a downgrade from what was previously offered, especially in the eye care benefits, and came at the expense of retirees.
    4. The Faculty Senate wishes to congratulate John and Lori Rice on the arrival of their new daughter, Olivia Kathleen. Senate surprised the family with presents and refreshments. The new parents thank everyone for their kindness.
  12. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 p.m.