January 21, 2005

Members Present: P. Anderson, G. Avent, P. Bagley, S. Bentley, D. Borino, F. Daniels, K. Dannehl, X. Du, D. Ellefsen, J. Emerson, P. Fisher, P. Fox, S. Garcia, G. Heberer, B. Hofland, M. Howell, C. Hyslop, L. Hyslop, R. Kampf, J. Kempster, J. King, P. Klem, M. Kuhl, J. Larson, J. Licht, K. Martin, K. Miller, D. Moore, B. Murphy, S. Negrete, E. Nickel, S. Nielsen, M. Ports, M. Puccinelli, C. Pyatt, J. Rice, B. Robertson, S. Rombough, S. Sanders, K. Schwandt, G. Skivington, G. Smith, P. Smith, G. Sundseth, G. Tenney, L. Uhlenkott, B. Wallace, P. Warren

Others Present: C. Fujiwara, R. Petrucci , S. Wallace

  1. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:19 p.m. Chair Schwandt declared a quorum present. One proxy vote was noted.
  2. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS: Chair Schwandt welcomed everyone to Senate. Robert Petrucci was introduced as the new EMS instructor; Connie Fujiwara, Art Faculty; and John Newman, Secondary Education. John, currently working for UNR, will work for GBC 50 percent of the time and will work full-time beginning next fall. Trent DeLong is the new Artist in Residence teaching Theatre Arts this semester.
  3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the December 10, 2004, meetings were unanimously approved with the following corrections: VII.G.7., “pat of the ASS,” needs to read, “part of the AAS.”
  4. SENATE CHAIR REPORT: Chair Schwandt provided a written report to Senate.
    1. Chair Schwandt alerted faculty to the upcoming Sense of the Senate Vote on the Academic Affairs restructuring proposals. Two open discussion forums were held. Following the second meeting on January 20, faculty working in conjunction with administration have devised a different option; a Faculty Senate action item which requires either an affirmative vote supporting this option or a negative vote opposing this option. This different option is a blending of components of the models brought forward, which from the discussions this week seems to be palatable to faculty and administration both structurally and financially.
      1. The idea is to eventually (perhaps 8-10 years down the road) have Division Chairs and Deans of Academic Support. However, we cannot immediately do both due to lack of funding in administration and instruction budgets. What we can do, beginning in fall 2005, is have a hybrid structure: one Dean of Academic Support overseeing Applied Science programs, one or two Divisions formed with “pilot program” Division Chairs, and then the remaining programs/departments remain structurally unchanged.
      2. Program Supervisors remain unchanged with Division Chairs and/or Deans.
      3. Departments that do not have a Division Chair will still have Department Chairs.
      4. The longer-term goal is to have three Deans of Academic Support: Applied Science, Health Science, and Arts & Sciences; probably developed and funded in that order. Funding for Deans would be from administration.
      5. There will be further discussion among faculty and administration determining Division composition and number of Divisions. The longer-term goal is to have a Department Chair for each Division. Funding for Division Chairs would be from instruction.
      6. There will be further discussion among faculty and administration resulting in written job descriptions and workload expectations for Faculty, Department Chairs, Division Chairs, and Deans.
        1. Deans of Academic Support would teach at least one class per year.
        2. Division Chairs would be tenured faculty, elected by faculty, and approved by the VPAA.
      7. Separately, adjunct mentoring and faculty evaluation processes need to be streamlined, regulated, and designed objectively. Senate questioned the outcome for the hired Dean if the division structure proves preferable. A motion was made and unanimously approved to accept the revised proposal for the combination of Deans and Division Chairs. The resulting vote will be taken to President's Council.
    2. Enrollment: Discussion continues with regard to efforts to increase enrollment and maintain enrollment in the future. Faculty were encouraged to enroll in a course; however, they were reminded that auditing does not apply toward FTE.
    1. Academic Standards – Oral report; information only.
      1. The professional development course continues in development. There will be a policy in place by the end of this semester.
    2. Adjunct Faculty – No report.
    3. Assessment – Written report; information only. The committee held their all day work session on January 13 wherein the assessment plan developed by the committee was practiced. The outcomes learned from the workshop were considered beneficial and interesting to the committee members. Chair Uhlenkott would be willing to visit with interested faculty who would like greater detail on the process.
    4. Budget and Facilities – Oral report; information only. The Faculty was reminded that requests for equipment funds are due February 1.
    5. Bylaws – No report.
    6. Compensation and Benefits – Oral report; information only.
      1. An email from Deputy to the President Danny Gonzales was generated alerting faculty that professional development money was extinguished. This was incorrect – the funds were frozen in order to allot the funds to other necessary areas. Departmental operational funds can be used for professional development travel.
      2. Workload – The committee held an open meeting with the Vice President for Academic Affairs wherein the proposals submitted by Senate and the counter proposal by Administration were negotiated. A joint meeting between Compensation and Benefits and Distance Education will be held.
    7. Curriculum and Articulation – Written report; approved.
      1. BAS Management in Digital Information Technology – A program was submitted by the Business and COT departments which brings together various informational technology training under one program. A motion was made and unanimously approved to accept the BAS Management in Digital Information Technology program.
      2. FREN 111/112 – The courses were unanimously accepted.
      3. BUS 102/107/117 – Common course numbering changes may affect the course titles and numbers. Syllabi will be provided to Common Course Numbering Representative Frank Daniels. The courses were unanimously approved.
      4. MATH 310 – The course was unanimously approved.
      5. AM 148, SPAN 305/401 – Tabled for further information.
    8. Department Chairs – Written report; approved. The committee submitted the revised three-year distance education plan. A motion was made and unanimously approved to accept the revision to the plan.
    9. Faculty and Administrative Evaluations – No report.
    10. Library – No report.
    11. Personnel – Written report; information only. The committee updated faculty on the status of the various search committees currently meeting. The committee requests that any teaching demonstrations be advertised early in order to garner wide attendance.
    12. Student Relations – No report.
    1. BAS – No report.
    2. BAIPS – Oral report; information only. The program has four students graduating this year. Recruitment efforts are continuing. The program hosted a Winter Festival on Saturday, January 15 to introduce current students and interested students to the committee and the program.
    3. BSN – Oral report; information only. Eight students have been accepted to the program with each signing a letter of intent.
    4. BSW – No report.
    5. Elementary and Secondary Education – The Secondary Education faculty member, John Newman, is beginning in the department this semester. The department has their site review by the Department of Education on May 6. Elementary and Secondary Education – The Secondary Education faculty member, John Newman, is beginning in the department this semester. The department has their site review by the Department of Education on May 6. The proposed Secondary Education program contains four endorsement areas (math, science, social science, and career and technical education). Other new programs to be reviewed are special education, ESL, and early childhood. The Elementary program will be reviewed at that time. If approved, the program will be on probation for one year.
  7. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: No unfinished business was brought forward.
  8. NEW BUSINESS: No new business was brought forward.
    1. Refreshments in February – The Education department volunteered to bring refreshments for the February full senate meeting.
    1. Congratulations are in order for Glen Tenney; he earned his doctorate.
  11. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 2:06 p.m. Senate will convene on Friday, February 18, 2005, at 1:15 p.m. in GTA 130.