March 20, 1998

MEMBERS PRESENT: J. Allison, G. Avent, P. Bagley, E. Bateman, R. Byram, J. Cox, K. Dimick, M. Fenger, P. Fox, S.Garcia, M. Harper-Harrison, L. Horton, L. Hyslop, J. Karr, M. Kuhl, K. Martin, E. McCombs, M. McFarlane, R. McNally, B. Murphy, M. Myrhow, P. Normandie, L. Owens, M. Ports, C. Pyatt, J. Rice, J. Sallaberry, G. Smith, J. Smith, J. Stringfield, G. Tenney, M. Van de Ven, P. Warren, G. Whitcomb

GUESTS: Regent Jill Derby, Chairperson, Board of Regents and Cliff Ferry, Dean of Special Programs

  1. ATTENDANCE: Silent roll was taken. Chair Marilee Kuhl declared a quorum present.

  2. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:15 p.m.

  3. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS: Chair Marilee Kuhl welcomed everyone to the meeting.

    1. Serving tenth year as Regent for the five county district around Carson City. Holds a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology. Is an advocate for the Community Colleges in the System.
    2. Believes in quality of education. Stated she enjoys seeing GBC pursue 4-year degree programs, but is committed to the institution that remains actively focused on the community college mission. As plans for expansion progress necessary money will be budgeted; a variety of individuals will be solicited to bring together a particular plan and the current funding formula will be analyzed.
    3. Focusing on the Board's performance will remain a critical issue during her term.
    4. The new associates of applied science degrees in construction management technology, occupational safety and health, industrial management technology and computer office technology have been approved by the Board.
    5. A specialist on Distance Education has been hired for UCCSN and will begin looking into the issues and begin recommending changes and improvements.

  5. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the January 30, 1998, meeting were unanimously approved.

  6. SENATE CHAIR REPORT: Chair Marilee Kuhl reported the following:
    1. Board of Regents -
      1. Outstanding Teaching Award has been presented to Dr. Jack Smith.
      2. Recognition Banquet will be held April 29 to honor outstanding employees and students nominated this year.
      3. Regent's Academic Advisor Award is to be instituted May of 1999. Students will nominate faculty and counselors who advise students. Criteria will be developed.
      4. Regent's Conduct was discussed at the Board of Regent's meeting; there has been a proposed change in committee quorum requirements that would allow two members of a standing committee or special committee to constitute a quorum. The Council of Faculty Chairs strongly opposes this change and has sent a letter to Jill Derby, Chair, Board of Regents stating this.
    2. Honorary Associates Degree to be awarded to Arthur and Maryann Glaser. The award will be presented at graduation.
    3. Faculty Associate Position for Academic and Student Affairs - temporary term of employment within the Chancellor's Office for a Faculty member within the University and Community College System of Nevada. The individual will work closely with Dr. Jane Nichols. All those interested are encouraged to apply.
    4. High-Tech Building for GBC- currently number five on the list for funding from the legislature. This building will be positioned beyond the Health Sciences building in the area currently occupied by the J.O.I.N. trailer. The shops for Winnemucca and Ely are number 35 on the list.

    1. Academic Standards/ Articulation and Curriculum - These committees will combine for the remainder of this term only to work on the catalog.
      1. Syllabi Suggestions:
        1. When articulating a course which will be a transfer course, the syllabus must read that it is from GBC.
        2. The grading policy must be outlined in detail.
        3. The committee would like to standardize the syllabi either with a list of requirements or a specific form. Comments will be accepted and the Senate will vote on the issue at the April meeting.
      2. The report submitted by Articulation and Curriculum regarding the new courses was unanimously approved.
      3. Pauline Fisher will be available for proctoring tests in MCML 16 from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
    2. Budget - No written report submitted; Faculty unanimously approved the following money acquisitions:
      1. Art / Patty Fox - Kodak digital camera
      2. Math/ Frank Daniels - overhead projector cart and television
      3. Art / Sarah Sweetwater - multi-media set
      4. Fitness Center - various equipment
    3. Compensation and Benefits - Written report submitted; unanimously approved.
    4. Distance Education - No written report submitted; the Intellectual Property Rights Policy is held by legal council until a similar policy is adopted by UCCSN.
    5. Facilities - No written report submitted:
      1. The Reynold's Grant is entering its final phases for award. Panel members for the Reynolds Foundation will be on campus the first week of May to speak with various individuals regarding the plans for the landscaping of the campus. It is essential that individuals agree with the basic idea for the plan. Specifics can be changed and negotiated once the funding becomes available. A campus-wide meeting will possibly be held prior to the arrival of the Reynold's members. Plans are available at the Foundation office. Members of the committee and the Foundation are available to answer questions. The funds are specifically for landscaping of the campus.
      2. McMullen Remodel - beyond planning stages. Fire codes have made certain significant changes: Three stacks will not be allowed; there will be two stacks on each side. Additional space will be provided by tapping into the second floor classrooms.
      3. No recommendations are yet available on Lundberg Hall.
    6. Faculty and Administrative Evaluations - None
    7. Personnel - No written report submitted.
      1. Dr. Gary Heberer - new Director of Off-Campus Programs; to reside in Winnemucca to occupy Barbara Tenney's position at her retirement.
      2. Dr. Charles Holt - new Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. A specific job description is yet to be established.
    8. Scholarship and Awards - Written report submitted; unanimously approved.
    9. Student Relations - None
    10. Four-year Degrees - None

  8. OLD BUSINESS: No old business was brought forth.

    1. Cliff Ferry, Director of Four-year Programs - distributed a list of essential requirements as viewed by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges in order for GBC to submit its request to instruct four-year programs. Each item was briefly discussed. A list of these points is on record for review.
    2. Outstanding Faculty, Student, and Staff Nominations - Eduardo Meiramontes, Outstanding Student; Chris Mitchell, Outstanding Staff. The nominations were unanimously accepted.
    3. COT Computer Education Proposal - COT would like to see some form of basic computer education included in the degree requirements for GBC. A list of suggested courses was distributed. After consideration, Faculty Senate proposed that comment be placed in the catalog and the course rosters strongly suggesting that students consider incorporating a basic computer class as part of their program if no prior computer knowledge is held. Certain individual programs are too full and cannot add another required course without dispelling another. In addition, most high school students entering the institution have considerable computer knowledge. This suggestion will be followed up during the student advising process. This will be up for approval at the next Senate meeting.
    4. Nominations for Chair Elect and Compensation and Benefits Chair will be accepted at the next Senate meeting with balloting to follow. Dr. Jack Smith will act as Senate Chair for the 98-99 academic year.
    5. Academic Master Plan - Per Board of Regents requirement, a revised plan must be submitted covering 1998 through 2001 with the actual plan to cover through 2002. Vice President Elliott will be contacting Division Chairs to secure information regarding broad departmental focuses and planning for this time period. This will include additions to faculty, staff, and technological support, methods of program distribution, etc.

    1. Child and Family Center Raffle - Various items are being awarded (dollhouse, $100 gift certificate to the CFC, Gene Russell Photography setting). Tickets available at the CFC.
    2. Sarah Sweetwater's daughter and her family were in an automobile accident. Everyone is doing well.
    3. Faculty is urged to submit lists of reading material required for the 1998-99 school year to Juanita and staff in Library. Due to the remodel, the Library will have to place most of their inventory in storage with only essential materials being relocated to the temporary Library in the Builders Mart building. All materials presently on loan from the Library should be returned by April 20. The Library is to be completely vacated by May 15.
    4. ASB Egg Race - Tuesday, April 7, Grove area
    5. ASB Elections - Faculty are encouraged to submit names of students.
    6. VICA - GBC placed first and second in Diesel and first and second in Welding. They will be participating in the nationals in June.
    7. Vocational Department has vehicles for sale. The students work on these donated vehicles as part of their program.

  11. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM. Next meeting will be held Friday, April 17, 1998, at 1:15 pm in HSCI 111.