March 15, 2002

MEMBERS PRESENT: P. Anderson, P. Bagley, E. Bateman, J. Cox, G. Avent, F. Daniels, K. Dannehl, P. Fisher, G. Goicoechea, E. Henderson, C. Hyslop, L. Hyslop, P. Josey, J. Kempster, J. King, M. Kuhl, J. Larsen, K. Martin, M. McFarlane, B. Murphy, S. Nielsen, P. O'Hanahan, B. Paine, C. Pyatt, J. Rice, S. Rombough, J. Rosenthal, L. Sanchez-Saenz, K. Schwandt, J. Shaw, J. Shrock, G. Smith, P. Smith, S. Sweetwater, G. Tenney, L. Uhlenkott, P. Warren, J. Williams, L. Youngs

OTHERS PRESENT: Interim President Carl Diekhans, GBC Foundation Major Gifts Campaign Chairperson Chris Johnson

  1. ATTENDANCE: Silent roll was taken. Chair John Rice declared a quorum present.
  2. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:16 p.m.
  3. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS : Chair John Rice welcomed everyone to Senate.
  4. INTERIM PRESIDENT DIEKHANS AND GBC FOUNDATION MGC CHAIR CHRIS JOHNSON: Interim President Diekhans introduced Major Gifts Campaign Chair Chris Johnson to Senate. Chris moved to Elko in 1960, is a 1981 graduate of Elko High School and witnessed the growth in the mining industry in the area during the 1980's. He voiced his understanding that mining will eventually leave the area and the city is looking to the college to grow as a source of economic diversity. The GBC Foundation Retreat held in January outlined the specific goals of the next Major Gifts Campaign. Faculty and staff support is critical in helping identify potential donors, in creating interesting programs, and acting as speakers and ambassadors to the community. The first phase of the campaign is a target of $2.3 million which will be utilized to pay off the campus housing loan, create student scholarships, provide equipment, develop a Child and Family Center student sponsorship fund, create endowment chairs for new programs, and provide faculty professional development monies with provision for specific donor requests.
  5. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the February 1, 2002, meeting were unanimously approved.
    1. Jeanie Rosenthal, GBC Grants Writer - A revised procedure guide outlining the grant proposal process was distributed to Senate. It is essential that the Grants Writer be involved in every grant leaving GBC for consideration. Ms. Rosenthal acts as fiscal manager and maintains accurate recording of each grant. She emphasized that her position is not, however, the acting day-to-day program manager. Ms. Rosenthal will be implementing training sessions and give grant email updates incorporating grant submission deadlines. Recent grant projects include application for a BAS Fire Technology program through TMCC and the Reno Fire Academy; establishment of an agricultural program partnered with UO and WSU; a College and Career In-Service Day, April 26, bringing 8th graders from the community on to campus; and a $150,000 grant over two years to fund a new classroom and library for the GBC Child and Family Center.
    2. Pat Anderson, GBC Safety Officer - The GBC Emergency Procedures Plan was distributed to faculty. All faculty are asked to read through the plan and make comment. Approval of the plan will go before the Senate at the next schedule meeting.
    3. Board of Regents -
      1. English Professor Jan Kempster was recognized by the Board for her Developmental Program Presentation.
      2. The appointment of Dr. Paul Killpatrick as GBC President was approved. Dr. Killpatrick is scheduled for a June 2, 2002, start date.
      3. Faculty Salary Schedule - The proposed schedule was approved. On July 1, 2002, faculty will receive a 2.5% merit step. Tenured faculty will move to a newly established "Tenure Column," and awarded an additional 2.5% merit increase. The goal for next year is an additional 2.5% added to the tenure step. Chair Rice and Dr. Eric Henderson represented GBC on the Faculty Salary Taskforce.
      4. Part-time Faculty Salary - The idea of a salary increase was approved. The proposed increase would raise the minimum rate across the board giving each institution a payment responsibility which may not always be feasible. An alternative may be to seek greater Grants-in-Aid and insurance incentives.
      5. Nevada State College - The Henderson Institution has approved Chris Chairsell as Interim President to replace Richard Moore who stepped down to become a full-time faculty member. Moore's economic department teaching salary stands at $90,000 per year. Henderson currently has no physical structure in which to operate or programs in place.
      6. Professor Patricia Fox, Dr. Eric Henderson, Professor Pat Josey, and Professor Kathy Schwandt were granted tenure.
    1. Bachelor of Applied Science - Dr. Larson, Lead Faculty for the BAS degree, presented the program at the Chair Academy held in Kansas on March 2. This breakthrough area of study fielded many questions on implementation. The committee will meet on Tuesday, March 19, to decide on outstanding program admission applications.
    2. Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education - The program currently has 14 applications under consideration.
    3. Bachelor of Arts in Integrative and Professional Studies - The students enrolled for the Social Science concentration are moving forward. The Resource Management concentration is still being developed; however only there will only be two Biology instructors beginning in the fall. Vice President for Academic Affairs Betty Elliott wishes to reconsider the Resource Management concentration at this point. The program could move forward with adjunct faculty or proceed through outside funding. The committee wishes to move ahead and requested a Sense of the Senate vote. The request gained no support, and Chair Rice suggested that the committee research the Substantiative Change Document submitted to the Northwest Accreditation Agency to locate program promises made by GBC for the BAIPS degree. If after the completion of that research the committee determines that the program will be unable to fulfill its promise with a smaller Biology faculty, the committee can return to Senate for a recommendation. The recommendation could take the form of a Sense of the Senate vote conducted via e-mail. The Nursing Department was asked how the elimination of the Biology position would effect the program since the BoR is pushing for increased Nursing educational opportunities to help meet the national shortage. The Nursing Director was unaware of the situation and will speak with Vice President Elliott on the matter.
    4. Bachelor of Science in Nursing - BoR directed the UCCSN nursing programs to double the size of their RN programs immediately. Chancellor Nichols suggested piggy-backing the BARN program to the proposal for extending GBC's RN education and submitting it to the BoR at the next meeting. The program will go before the State Board of Nursing the week of March 18 with the possibility of being heard at the Legislature immediately following.
    1. Academic Standards - Written report; approved. The report contained submission of the revised Program Review Guide. Senate is requested to contact any member of the Academic Standards committee with comments.
    2. Budget - No report.
    3. Compensation and Benefits - Oral report; information only. The committee reports that there is no more funding available.
    4. Curriculum and Articulation - Report; approved.
    5. Distance Learning - Written report; information only. A list of questions were submitted to the educational centers with regards to usage and dependence of online courses. The answers and concerns were distributed. Senate may contact the committee with any comments or concerns.
    6. Facilities - Written report; approved. The committee was asked to look into safer parking and access to the High Tech Center which is located across a busy street from the main campus and also to request sidewalk access from Lundberg Hall to Elm Street where currently pedestrians must walk through the parking lot and entrance drive which can be hazardous. The committee requested approval the move of Gary Hannington into the office vacated by Lynne Owens.
    7. Faculty and Administration Evaluations - No report.
    8. General Education - No Report
    9. Library Standing Committee - Oral report; information only. Senate was informed of access to a Faculty Acquisition Request form that is available via the Intranet.
    10. Personnel - Oral report; information only. The committee will be interviewing two candidates for the Elementary Education position the week of March 18.
    11. Scholarships and Awards - Written report; approved.
    12. Student Relations - No report.
  9. OLD BUSINESS: No Old Business was brought forward.
  10. NEW BUSINESS: No new business was brought forward.
  11. REGENT'S AWARD NOMINATIONS: Professor Eric Bateman was congratulated on the receipt the Regent's Teaching Award. Dr. Mike McFarlane was congratulated on the receipt of the Regent's Advisory Award. Chris Mitchell was nominated for the Outstanding Staff Award for her work with "The Vagina Monologues."
    1. GBC Theatre's production of "The Phantom Tollbooth" opens this weekend at the GBC Theatre. Evening shows begin at 7 p.m. on March 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, with a matinee performances scheduled 4 p.m. on March 16 and 23.
  13. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 2:53 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for April 26.