NOVEMBER 6, 1998

MEMBERS PRESENT: J. Allison, G. Avent, P. Bagley, E. Bateman, J. Blach, D. Borino, L. Brown, R. Byram, J. Cox, K. Dimick, J. Emerson, M. Fenger, P. Fox, S. Garcia, G. Goicoechea, E. Henderson, D. Hoem, C. Hyslop, P. Josey, R. Kampf, J. King, M. Kuhl, K. Martin, M. McFarlane, C. McMullen, R. McNally, B. Murphy, P. Normandie, L. Owens, S. Popeck, M. Puccinelli, C. Pyatt, L. Reber, J. Rice, J. Sallaberry, B. Sanford, K. Schwandt, J. Shaw, G. Smith, J. Smith, P. Smith, G. Tenney, P. Warren, J. Williams

  1. ATTENDANCE: Silent roll was taken. Chair Jack Smith declared a quorum present.
  2. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:15 p.m.
  3. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS : Chair Jack Smith welcomed everyone to Senate. Dr. Jane Nichols, Dr. Ronald Remington, Vice President Betty Elliott, and Cliff Ferry were introduced.
  4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the October 9, 1998, meeting were approved with the following corrections:
    1. The dental school will be associated with UNLV.
    2. Division Chairs will be disbanded at the end of the current semester.
    1. Dr. Nichols made comments on aspects of the planning process for the four-year degree programs. She noted the role of the Board of Regents as the governing body in approving baccalaureate degrees but emphasized that program content is a faculty and institutional responsibility. She further noted:
      1. The critical role of 2+2 programs in the future of higher education in Nevada.
      2. Access for graduating Nevada high school students to higher education programs is the lowest in the nation. Obviously this problem has to be addressed with programs like the GBC baccalaureate initiative.
      3. The changes being planned at GBC are given substance and urgency by the changing demographics of our student population. [Dr. Nichols] pointed to the increase in the number of our full-time students.
      4. GBC's mission statement must be changed to reflect the added responsibilities of the future four-year programs.
    2. Dr. Nichols introduced her proposed Teaching Excellence Initiative to be made part of the Board of Regents Handbook. The initiative suggests multiple means of evaluation of instructors including required formal comment by students. (Proposal directed to the Evaluations Committee for study.)
    1. The NWASC recommends two or more methods of assessing teacher effectiveness, and that the data be available to supervisors. Dr. Remington noted we have an evaluation process very close to the recommended ideal and only some fine tuning is required. He added with reference to student evaluations of teacher performance that GBC administrative personnel are all former teachers aware of the difficulties with student evaluations.
    2. A state hiring freeze is currently in effect. Individual Presidents can override the freeze if a substantive, immediate need is brought forth.
    3. The Regents' awarded UNLV and CCSN $3 million if they were able to increase production to meet the needs for educators in Nevada. Several proposals were suggested by UNLV none of which have yet been approved by the BoR as stated in the newspaper. If similar proposals come forward for our region, we will be immediately notified.
    1. An apology was issued to the Senate for misinterpreting the organization of Division Chairs within Faculty Senate. Due to the disbandment of the Division Chairs at the end of the semester, an outline was suggested for the restructuring into departments. Approximately $8,000 is allocated for Division Chairs release time; this allotment divided among 10 departmental chairs comes to $1,350 each.
    2. The proposed evaluation process from the BoR will mostly affect other institutions within the system. A report submitted by VP Elliott was very confident in its reporting of faculty evaluations which included student feedback. The Evaluations Committee will be responsible for the process of feedback from students. Administration will carry out evaluations on performance of faculty service.
  8. SENATE CHAIR REPORT: Chair Jack Smith reported the following:
    1. Organization of the Non-teaching Faculty - A meeting was held of non-teaching faculty with articulation of grievances and frustrations encountered. Currently there is no organizational way for them to approach administration or the Regents without being a part of Senate. Dialogue will continue as an appropriate structure is found.
    2. Compensation and Benefits - Statewide, this will be a Faculty Senate Chairs subcommittee. A meeting with Price- Waterhouse on November 18 has been set. Chair Smith will invite the GBC Compensation and Benefits Chair to be in attendance. It is essential that the committee realize that they are representing non-teaching faculty as well as instructors.
    3. Elementary Education Curriculum - Chair Jack Smith referred to the attachment outlining the general program for the first four-year degree. It was made clear that this is not a final copy; that revisions and adjustments are necessary and will continue as the process evolves especially once the education faculty are in place. Senate is asked for its general approval of the direction which the program is taking. A motion was made that the Faculty approves and supports the continuing development of the elementary education program. The motion was unanimously approved.
    4. Mission Statement - A motion was made and unanimously approved to accept the mission statement with the following specific changes:
      1. Paragraph 1; sentence 2: We provide five types of educational opportunities.......and selected baccalaureate programs
      2. Paragraph 2; sentence 4: Great Basin College is committed to providing educational opportunities and access, using the newest distance technologies whenever possible.
      3. Paragraph 3; sentence 4: In addition and continuing in the tradition of serving the citizens and the communities at large, GBC offers selected baccalaureate degree programs that meet special needs and that enrich the higher education offerings in northeastern Nevada.
    5. UCCSN 6.6 Code Revision - The revisions were unanimously approved as outlined.
    1. Academic Standards - Verbal Report; approved. Five requests for non-traditional credit were brought forward. Four were approved.
    2. Compensation and Benefits - Verbal Report; approved. The first system committee meeting was held on October 23. Any concerns regarding benefits should be submitted in writing to any of the committee members using specific language.
    3. Facilities Committee - Verbal Report; approved.
      1. Architectural drawings from Lombard-Conrad were shown depicting the design for the clock tower and the amphitheatre. The clock tower stands 50 feet high with four clock faces. It will chime and is serviceable through a trap door underneath the center of the tower. The amphitheatre was difficult to see on the drawing; a 3-dimensional model will be available for the campus-wide meeting. Plans for lighting and sound are currently under consideration. The landscaping for the Child and Family Center is not included in this grant. The Phone-A-Thon for the endowment has raised approximately $40,000.
      2. The funding for the shared complex between the Elko High School and GBC is number three for consideration by the legislature. The building is designed as a package and will house 3 computer classrooms, 7 generic classrooms, 2 biology labs, a distance education room, 18 offices, and a center computer lab area housing 100 stations. Conduit is currently being laid to run fiber optic lines between the college and the high school.
    4. Personnel Committee - Verbal Report; approved. Applications for sabbatical are due November 13.
    5. Student Relations Committee - Written Report; approved. Faculty will be asked to be involved in more off-campus recruiting initiatives which include finding funds for more scholarships and early bird registration on December 2.
    6. Budget - None
    7. Curriculum and Articulation - Written Report; approved. GEOL 160: The Parade of Life was approved by the committee.
    8. Faculty and Administration Evaluations - Verbal; approved. Eight responses have been received regarding the evaluation process and the hiring of volunteers from AARP to assist in their completion. Additional responses are welcome until November 10. Full-time faculty will be evaluated by VP Elliott with Assistant VP Holt conducting the part-time faculty evaluations.
    9. Scholarships and Awards - Verbal; approved. The committee met and re-awarded scholarships. The committee will be reconsidering the structure of Star Night.
    10. Distance Learning - None
  10. OLD BUSINESS: No old business was brought forward.
    1. Outstanding Faculty Students and Staff - Marsha Holford was nominated for Outstanding Classified Staff for her past work with the Humanities Division.
    2. The Diesel Program has received $10,000 contribution from Caterpillar which will be used for scholarships and equipment.
    3. The Nursing Program has received the Dorothy Gallagher Legacy Award in the amount of $30,000 to be used for scholarships.
  12. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 3:17 p.m.