November 23, 2004

Members Present: P. Anderson, T. Crum, P. Bagley, S. Bentley, D. Borino, J. Cox, F. Daniels, K. Dannehl, D. Ellefsen, J. Emerson, P. Fisher, P. Fox, L. Frazier, P. Jones, G. Heberer, T. Howell, L. Hyslop, D. Jones, R. Kampf, P. Klem, M. Kuhl, J. Licht, R. McNally, K. Mowrey, M. Ports, M. Puccinelli, C. Pyatt, B. Robertson, J. Rosenthal, S. Sanders, E. Seastedt, G. Skivington, T. Staley, G. Tenney, L. Uhlenkott, B. Wallace, P. Warren, J. Williams

  1. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 2:46 p.m.
  2. BYLAW CHANGE: Chair Schwandt announced at the Full Senate meeting on November 19 that an emil vote to amend the Faculty Senate Bylaws to establish Department Chairs as a standing Senate committee would be conducted. Email notification was presented to all voting representatives of Senate that voting would be open.
    1. Faculty Senate Secretary called the motion with a second received by member Pat Anderson to accept the following proposed addition of the GBC Faculty Senate Bylaws, Article VII:

      Department Chairs This committee hears, discusses and resolves interdepartmental issues encountered by department chairs and program and site directors in carrying out their assigned administrative duties. Also, this is a forum where intradepartmental issues may be brought up by department chairs, especially in seeking possible solutions consistent with other departments. Open discussion will also occur. This committee is a liaison between GBC administrators and GBC faculty (among those full-time and adjunct instructors within their department).

    2. An email vote approved the motion 37:1.
    3. These minutes were provided for information only to provide documentation of the vote which took place and have not been approved though Senate.
  3. ADJOURNMENT: Voting was adjourned and the vote declared complete on December 4, 2005 at 12:09 p.m. by Senate Chair Schwandt.