September 15, 2000

MEMBERS PRESENT: G. Avent, P. Bagley, R. Barton, D. Bolinder, D. Borino, J. Burns, F. Daniels, K. Dannehl, R. Doyle, J. Emerson, S. England, P. Fox, L. Frazier, E. Henderson, C. Hyslop, L. Hyslop, C. Hughes, P. Josey, F. King, M. Kuhl, J. Licht, M. McFarlane, B. Murphy, L. Ohlin, S. Owen, L. Owens, M. Puccinelli, J. Rice, B. Robertson, J. Shaw, J. Shrock, R. Siler, J. Smith, G. Tenney, M. Wise

OTHERS PRESENT: Dean of Enrollment Management Lynn Mahlberg

  1. ATTENDANCE: Silent roll was taken. Chair John Rice declared a quorum present.
  2. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:18 p.m.
  3. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS : Chair John Rice welcomed to Senate. John encourages everyone to take a look around the welding area when the meeting is completed. One of the reasons for the rotating meetings is to allow faculty the opportunity to view parts of the campus in which they may not be familiar.
  4. CHRISTOPHER HUGHES, INFORMATION TECHNICIAN: Chris provided information on the new GBC Intranet. The Intranet was designed to eliminate internal information from the public web page. Options under coordination and development are an internal calendar of meetings, the posting of committee reports, regularly used forms, internal telephone directory, etc. Although there are some items which need to be worked through, the Intranet is up and running with only a little over 200 hits. This indicates that it is not being used to its advantage. If anyone would like assistance with navigation and posting, please call Chris for an appointment. Currently there is no information posted regarding the new Bachelor's Degree programs.
    1. The proposed Spring 2000 schedule was made available. The Department Chairs will meet Monday, September 18, at 8:00 a.m. in the Berg Hall Conference Room. Courses are still being accepted. Faculty are made aware that the schedule may have some conflicts in it - these will be worked through at that meeting.
    2. The college does have more full-time students but they are taking lighter loads. The BoR reviews enrollments from fall semester to fall semester. We are at approximately 1173 FTE and need to be at 1253 FTE by October 15. A fall alternate schedule is proposed (classes to begin October 9). A list of perspective classes was distributed. If faculty has any other courses they wish to bring forward, they should contact Lynn immediately.
    3. The Marketing Department is advertising the alternate schedule through a bulk mailing. This will be followed up by radio, television and web advertisements.
    4. As an institution, faculty are encouraged to sign up for Integrated Technology in Post-Secondary Education courses. These courses will be paid through Grants-in-Aid.
  6. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the August 18, 2000, meeting were unanimously approved.
  7. SENATE CHAIR REPORT: Chair John Rice reported the following:
    1. Board of Regents -
      1. Council of Chairs - A lawsuit concerning a grievance of a system faculty member against the system was heard in the Nevada Supreme Court. The court ruled that only regulations included within faculty contacts and the titles of UCCSN code could be acted upon leaving institutional bylaws without merit. Copies of Title II of the UCCSN Code and the GBC Faculty Senate Bylaws were provided for review. The Council of Chairs issued the following good faith agreement to be presented to the BoR in October or November:

        "Whereas the Supreme Court of Nevada has determined that professional faculty in the UCCSN are bound only by the details of their signed contract and by direct reference to the UCCSN Code and not by any documents referenced by the code, specifically individual institutional documents such as the institutional bylaws, and whereas this implies that all personnel policies written into these documents are thus not legally binding, and whereas the intent of writing personnel policies into these documents was to define and clarify the policies, procedures and practices under which both faculty and administrators should conduct business, the Council of Senate Chairs recommends that in an act of good faith both faculty and administration agree to adopt the temporary policy that the topics related to personnel policies in existing individual institutional documents shall be honored by both faculty and administrators as legally binding. When this issue is resolved by the establishment of appropriate binding personnel policies this temporary agreement will no longer be in effect."

      2. The Campus Environment Committee is looking into possible civil rights violations during a drug bust at UNLV by armed campus officers. In addition, the Attorney General's office has begun investigating this committee for possible open meeting law violations.
      3. ARSA Meeting -
        1. Approved an African-American Studies program at UNR.
        2. Approved a joint UNR/UNLV Pharmaceutical Doctorate Program. The program will be designed on a 2 + 2 + 2 with students able to complete the first portion at any community college in the system. The GBC General Education Committee will begin work on the core to meet these requirements.
      4. At Regent Sisolak's request, an audit committee met to review the host account expenditures for the institutions in the system. The fees pushed $2 million last biennium. The host account budgets are broken down as follows (please note that most of these monies are not state funds but come from foundations, etc.):
        UNR $890,000
        UNLV $910,000
        BoR $100,000
        TMCC $90,000
        CCSN $190,000
        WNCC $120,000
        GBC 12,600
        NSCH 2,300
      5. A measure to amend the regents code exclude the appointed Interim Chancellor from filing for candidacy for the permanent Chancellor position failed. The Regents currently have total discretion in hiring.
      6. A measure to introduce the hire of an ombudsman on the system level to deal with student problems failed. It is more efficient for each institution to deal with problems on a local level.
      7. CCSN Admissions Investigation - While the investigation continues, Richard Moore defended all the practices of the institution. The BoR praised CCSN and its efforts toward growth. It is still the feeling that the investigation will not stop at CCSN.
      8. There is discussion of redistricting the Regents. This could result in the extension of Regent Gallagher's district to northern sectors of Clark County or Sparks where support could easily come from neighboring cities diminishing our representation. Demography and not geography determines the outcome.
      9. It is unlikely that Regent Gallagher will continue for more than two years. It is now a good time to begin looking at other possible candidates for the position.
      10. The resignation of TMCC President Richardson was accepted.
      11. The appointment of Jane Nichols as Chancellor was approved.
    1. Academic Standards - None; The committee is working in conjunction with Danny Gonzales to form an assessment committee. Details on this committee will follow at a later date.
    2. Budget - None
    3. Compensation and Benefits - Written Report; approved. Three travel fund requests were approved. The committee will assist in the formation of a Professional Development Committee. Guidelines, representation and tasks were presented. The committee also discussed the faculty workload policy pertaining to faculty on A contracts. The report stipulates that those non-instructional faculty on an A contract must be on campus for 40 hours per week as dictated by state requirements. This statement was changed to read a required 35 hours per week which is identical to other UCCSN institutions. The committee will begin addressing CEU's and lateral movement.
    4. Curriculum and Articulation - None
    5. Distance Learning - Oral Report; approved.
      1. The committee discussed the need for computer space for online faculty. The committee will work with the Facilities Committee to find a temporary space until the completion of the joint venture high tech center. Lundberg Hall Room 7 has a space with necessary hookups readily available. There are ether lines in the Library which will be activated which will allow access to faculty with laptops.
      2. The proposed guidelines for telecourse instruction was not approved last semester. At that time, the Social Sciences department voiced several concerns. The committee will meet with this department to work toward resolution.
      3. The committee will concentrate on intellectual property rights during the year. Anyone with concerns or questions should bring them to a committee member.
      4. The committee proposes construction of a plan for the technical fee monies which are set at $4 per credit hour. The committee will work in conjunction with the Budget and Facilities Committee. The plan will emphasize direction and not the specific designation of monies.
      5. Christopher Hughes was appointed to the Distance Learning Committee.
    6. Facilities Committee - None
    7. Faculty and Administrative Evaluations - None
    8. General Education - None
    9. Personnel Committee - Oral Report; information only. Two subcommittees have met regarding hiring. Two Interviews have been scheduled for September 29; one each in the BAS and the Elementary Education department. An offer was made and declined for the Grant Writing position. Information regarding application for sabbatical will be forwarded to all faculty.
    10. Scholarships and Awards - None
    11. Student Relations Committee - Written Report; approved. Items discussed include planning a tailgate party for the Elko vs. Spring Creek football game, support for Great Basin Festival, and restyling of the cafeteria area and enhancing the student lounge. Eight applications have been received for the Student Ambassador program.
    1. Elementary Education - The program has 3 students participating in Student Teaching Internships with approximately 70 students in the Elementary Ed Program. In July, the State Department of Education reviewed the program materials giving the program a strong letter of approval. The final program review will be held in spring 2001.
    2. Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies - Wide community support has been received withintentions of presenting the program to the BoR in the spring with implementation expected for fall 2001. An outline of the proposed curriculum, which is still under discussion, is available through Jack Smith. There is interest in using the BAPS for certain emphasis areas in education such as special education. The committee is also addressing the 2 + 2 + 2 Pharmaceutical Program through UNR/UNLV.
    3. Bachelor of Applied Science - Committee is currently working to finalize the degree definition.
    4. Bachelor of Nursing - The committee is scheduled to begin work on the program curriculum.
  10. OLD BUSINESS: No old business was brought forward.
    1. Information Technology/Curriculum Specialist Lisa Frazier requests more input as to the types of training needed among faculty and emphasizes the necessity of training support staff. A questionnaire is available on the faculty web site. An Intranet training is scheduled for September 22.
    2. Student Placement - It appears there have been instances of non-teaching employees passing through students on prerequisites and raising caps on classes. The system must allow approval only from the instructor of record or, in the case of part-time faculty, the department chair. The General Education Committee is overseeing this among part-time faculty in the outlying areas. Academic Standards will look into the allegations and address the issue of registration during the latter part of summer when faculty is not available. Both committees are asked to draft a statement to be discussed at the next Senate meeting.
    1. Katie and Becky Mollart were nominated for the Outstanding Student Award.
    2. Ed Nickel was nominated for the Outstanding Faculty Award.
    3. Shelley Patterson was nominated for the Outstanding Staff Award.
  13. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS: No informational items were brought forward.
  14. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.