September 24, 2004

Members Present: P. Anderson, P. Bagley, R. Barton, S. Bentley, D. Bolinder, D. Borino, T. Crum, F. Daniels, K. Dannehl, X. Du, D. Ellefsen, P. Fisher, C. Ford, P. Fox, L. Frazier, G. Heberer, B. Hofland, M. Howell, L. Hyslop, J. Johnston, R. Kampf, J. King, P. Klem, M. Kuhl, J. Licht, L. Macfarlan, K. Martin, C. McMullen, R. McNally, K. Miller, M. Myrhow, S. Negrete, E. Nickel, M. Ports, M. Puccinelli, C. Pyatt, J. Rice, B. Robertson, S. Rombough, S. Sanders, K. Schwandt, E. Seastedt, Ja. Smith, G. Smith, T. Staley, G. Sundseth, G. Tenney, L. Uhlenkott, B. Wallace, J. Williams

Others Present: Vice President for Academic Affairs Mike McFarlane, Student Erika Patrick

  1. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:20 p.m. Chair Schwandt declared a quorum present. One proxy vote was noted.
  2. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS: Chair Schwandt welcomed everyone to Senate.
  3. GUEST SPEAKERS: GBC Public Information Office John Rice was asked to provide Senate with an overview of GBC's Institutional Marketing Plan currently under development for approval by Administration. Rice requests feedback on the working document which centers on the college mission statement addressing Faculty and Programs, costs and benefits to students, the distribution of our programs, and the promotion of the college message.
    1. Enrollment Management Plan – Pascal group will be on campus meeting with the various composite groups of the campus to build an alumni association, improvement of communication and advisement among campus entities.
    2. The new campus motto is “Your College, Your Community.”
    3. UNR presence on campus.
  4. BALLOON DRAWING: As part of the upcoming Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival, the Senate was given the opportunity to enter a drawing for a free hot air balloon ride. Senate was instructed that the ticket was non-transferable and must be used by a Faculty member. Drawing slips were submitted as Faculty assembled for the meeting. Chair Schwandt announced that Math Professor Xuming Du was the winner.
  5. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the August 27, 2004 meeting were unanimously approved.
  6. SENATE CHAIR REPORT: Chair Schwandt provided a written report to Senate.
    1. Committee Chairs were informed that minutes of meetings must reflect attendance since committee participation is a part of faculty workload
    2. Faculty is reminded that course change and cancellation forms must be filled out in any instance of course adjustment. System audit requirements specifically mandate that the Student Information System be accurate.
    3. The students will once again be able to access their DARS report online in November. The option was eliminated due to the amount of self-advisement which has caused past concerns. The validity of this is in question. Chair Schwandt will research and report to Senate.
    4. Regent's Awards – Contact individuals have been put in place to organize the nomination process for each of the various awards. These contacts will assist in the compilation of the information necessary for submittal. It is hoped that this process will bring more nominations forward. Faculty will be notified of deadlines.
    5. Travel Meal Reimbursement Time-line – A copy of the old policy as well as the new were presented to Senate. The policy was unanimously approved.
    6. The academic calendar was again brought before Senate in an effort to coordinate Spring Break with that of Elko County School District. The agreement stated with the school district is the last full week in March (March 21-25, 2005). This will make the current catalogue incorrect and extensive advertisement measures will need to be enforced to ensure that no students are confused. Disciplines may have curricular problems which will need to be adjusted. The proposal is still not perfect as not all school districts follow the same calendar. The adjusted spring break dates were unanimously approved.
      1. Several discrepancies within the calendar itself were noted specifically with regards to MTC instruction. Therefore, approval of the entire calendar running through Spring 2006 could not be sought. Adjustments will be made where necessary and the calendar will be sent out on email for approval.
    7. System Workload Study – Updated forms were submitted to Senate for review. An email vote will be called for Friday, October 1 at 2:00 p.m. Feedback must be brought forward before the vote.
    1. Academic Standards – Written report; approved. The final exam schedule was distributed. The schedule has been reviewed and approved by Department Chairs. The Senate unanimously approved the revised final exam schedule. The schedule will be made available to faculty and students.
    2. Adjunct Faculty – Oral report; information only. Three areas of concern were brought forward by adjunct faculty. Communication and mentoring with department faculty; availability of supplies; and training. Adjunct faculty are requested to provide Pat Anderson with information on desk hours so that they can be accommodated. Access to course rosters through SIS is restricted to adjunct faculty due to security issues. Email access is available for adjunct faculty; however, few take advantage of the service. Requests for access are handled in priority with the Computer Technology.
    3. Budget and Facilities – Oral report; information only. The committee is revisiting the expansion of the welding facilities. The project was stalled due to other priorities and the location of fiber optic lines. The committee will be meeting with Occupational Education for discussion. Faculty are reminded that any money awarded last year must be used by the end of the week.
    4. Compensation and Benefits – Written report; information only.
      1. The committee has approved six requests for travel with three requests pending.
      2. The Workload Policy revisions were brought forward for discussion and approval. The revised policy encompasses the currently policy including past actions, system workload study revisions, and the working policies of TMCC and CCSN. There are items pertaining to T.A., practicums and distance education issues which need to be addressed. The committee requests that an open meeting be called to address questions. Meeting details will be circulated. The deadline for policy approval is December. Faculty are advised that a fair and easily compensate-able policy is desired. There is a question of the number of policies which are currently in circulation and the validity of those decisions. Faculty are reminded that overload requests must be submitted by October 1.
    5. Curriculum and Articulation – Written report; approved. Course submission sheets dealing with transfer articulation and common course numbering will be available on the website. All three forms should be submitted to the committee.
      1. TA 108B and AM 147 were unanimously approved.
      2. RN-BSN – The proposal has been distributed to faculty. The BSN committee report was combined with the C&A report for this item. Students to the program must hold a Nevada license in nursing. There is some repricocity between states, however, the state policies this and requires that all nurses be licensed by Nevada. Many of the individuals applying will more than likely hold either part-time or full-time employment. The program will not require additional space in terms of facilities. The portfolio requirement will be a complication of te evaluation of the student over 12 credits and will encompass the state licensure preparation and testing. The proposal was unanimously approved.
    6. Distance Education – Written report; information only. A revised report was submitted for review. The committee will finish the report. Senate did not request an open forum for discussion. The revised report will be brought before Senate for approval.
    7. Personnel – Written report; information only. The committee is requesting clarification of current policy and validation with the addition of the Human Resource Director to the campus. A list of new faculty positions were brought forward from Department Chairs. An email vote will be called.
    1. BAIPS – Verbal report; information only. The committee met Friday, August 27, at noon under the direction of new Program Lead Faculty Frank Daniels and addressed the following:
      1. The committee is now tracking students through their education with use of a spreadsheet which will assist in advisement and course planning. Dr. Daniels will be on campus regularly for advisement sessions and students are encouraged to use GBC facilities to contact Dr. Daniels by telephone or seek advisement by any committee member.
      2. Fine Arts course options for the AHA emphasis will be forwarded to Patty Fox for confirmation. A call for a Fine Arts/Humanities faculty representative to the program committee was made.
      3. Three student applications to the program were approved.
      4. HIST 401 is an available social science option for the Resource Management concentration. This was an omission in the catalogue.
      5. The first program newsletter of the year was distributed to program students and associate-level graduates. The newsletter dealt specifically with portfolios and the new AHA concentration. The next issue will deal with internships.
      6. The Student Handbook is nearly complete.
      7. The committee established that long-term course scheduling is a priority for the program.
  9. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: No unfinished business was brought forward.
  10. NEW BUSINESS: No new business was brought forward.
    1. National Endowment for the Arts Shakespeare in America Project – A packet of information outlining the project and budget was submitted for review. The project is still in the planning process for the Elko area to be realized in mid-November. Various theatrical groups are touring the country as part of this initiative. In November, a professional theatrical group from Oregon teamed with a professional theatrical group from Vietnam will be in Elko providing the community with various educational outreach activities and one bi-lingual presentation of “A Midsummer Nights Dream.” Individuals interested in assisting in the planning are encouraged to contact Chris Mitchell.
    2. Great Basin Festival – Pat Warren provided information on the curriculum enhancement and enrichment opportunities which are available through the upcoming Great Basin Festival which is featuring the Chinese heritage of the area. Dr. Chung from UNLV will be hosting a talk on the Chinese in Nevada on September 20. The Northeastern Nevada Museum will be hosting an exhibit on the Chinese and Asian influence in Nevada and hosting the presentation of a film entitled “A Thousand Pieces of Gold.” The college will be showing “The Island Mountain Archaeology History of the Chinese in Gold Creek Nevada” which highlights the influence of the people on mining and the railroad. A free performance by Katy Moffatt will be held September 25 at 2 p.m. in the Reynolds Ampitheatre. The festival is being held in conjunction with the Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival and the Ruby Mountain Symphony Oktoberfest.
    3. Scholarships – The 2004 Millennium Scholars will be having a BBQ and Welcome to GBC on September 9 beginning at 4 p.m. in the Reynolds Ampitheatre. Faculty is welcome.
    4. Student Handbook – The handbook distributed to students for the orientation sessions was complimented.
    5. College Career and Awareness Day – Restructuring will divide the event into four, half-day sessions throughout the school year (two each semester). Travel time for the school districts will be taken into consideration.
    6. Campus Visits – Visits to the campus will be set up for two Fridays each month. It is requested that department/program/college event dates be made available to Recruiter Shane Ridley-Stevens so as to make the most impact for the visiting students.
    7. Call for Goodies – President Killpatrick offered to bring the food for the September meeting.
    1. Distance Education Report – The minutes of the May 14 Senate meeting indicate a draft distance education plan was submitted by the Distance Education Committee. The committee indicated that faculty input to the policy would be sought through a faculty senate workshop before the final is brought to vote and was unanimously agreed upon. A request was made to initiate faculty input concerning the policy through a faculty forum or other medium.
    2. Overtime Pay – GBC has seven non-teaching administrative professionals who are now eligible for overtime pay per the new federal regulations.
    3. IAV Coordinator – Pablo Cortez has submitted his resignation. Garry Heberer will assume the responsibility until the position is filled.
  13. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 2:34 p.m. Senate will convene on Friday, September 24, at 1:15 p.m. in GTA 130.